Natalie & Derek | Pretty as Pie

During the beautiful bridal session at San Antonio Botanical Gardens I figured out this wedding would be worth the drive from Austin. Natalie told me a few fun details that had me sold! “We are kinda nerdy.. our monogram spells ‘nerd’.. N-R-D.. and our wedding is on Pi Day”. Oh, and did I mention she told me there would be plenty of pie to go around? Sold on all counts! I was not disappointed. 3.14.15 came and delivered a full day of fun, pie, and love at the San Antonio Garden Center. A lot of love. They included God’s love and the true meaning of marriage in their ceremony as well which I love being a part of as often as possible. To pose sixteen people would usually present a challenge, but the whole group indulged me and let me have some fun! A little bit of history got relived as well. Natalie and her mom have a photo there that we were able to retake by the same fountain on her wedding day. Everyone came together to make this day perfect. Natalie, being an only child, is close to her cousins and one was to give a speech during the reception. When she was too sick to make it the rest of the night, her brother stepped up and gave the speech for Natalie and Derek himself. Needless to say him reading his little sister’s speech in the first person made for some great laughs! As the hits played, the dance floor stayed so full that some of the guys took to requesting their own hit song, getting on stage, and well– dancing it out. SO entertaining! As was hearing some good 90’s boy bands *(and seeing that I wasn’t the only one who still knew all the moves to “Bye, Bye, Bye”).  As the pie and cake started getting low, the sparklers started to light and the bride and groom started saying goodbye and running to their happy ending. In the end, they successfully ate (pie), drank, and got married!

6 thoughts on “Natalie & Derek | Pretty as Pie

  1. What a great wedding! I wish I could have heard that toast – the brother reading his sister’s toast, I can only imagine how hilarious it was! You did such an amazing job of capturing the essence of this wedding, beautiful wedding photography!


  2. Such a lovely wedding you captured at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. The sweet pastel colors in the bridesmaids dresses and flowers are beautiful.


  3. I love outdoor wedding photography at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens… these are wonderful! The couple looked gorgeous and I loved all of their personal details, and the pies!! Yum!!


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