Rachel & Cody | Anything but Ordinary

“I’m not a fan of Pinterest“. Ahhhh! Music to my creative ears. Don’t get me wrong, that link takes you to my own Pinterest page.. but I would much rather be taking pictures of couples setting the trends instead of trying to copy someone else’s entire wedding day.  So I set up my gear and planned to stalk around for candids. Within minutes I am propped against the bridal room at the Hummingbird House laughing and sighing just listening to Rachel go over her vows. So heartfelt, but chock full of honesty, even thanking Cody for leaving his girlfriend! It was nice to get a glimpse into their lives as they started their day. Gifts were handed out and instead of the typical “you shouldn’t have…” each wedding attendant truly appreciated the time and thought put into each gift. *(I think anyone would have loved the custom knives, or the Michael Kors watch that were just part of the different gifts!) As I wandered outside I was able to see a few extra details, like their parents wedding photos, and the original cake topper from Rachel’s parents wedding on top of the cake. The party had already started before I ever got there, but it was fun to watch it escalate. The soft music of guitar and cello couldn’t curb the excitement of this bride getting down the aisle to her groom. As everyone listened to Cody give his vows of Rachel bringing his dreams to life, little Carlton sat among the rose petals with nothing but his collar left on. For those who don’t know, Carlton is there glamorous pup who, earlier in the day, donned a tutu and cuffs as well. Once these two were pronounced as married *(which was about the end of the “traditional” wedding routine) they headed out like rockstars.

As the wedding party lined up outside the doors to the gorgeous white tent, tradition broke again as two attendants were on stage singing a song that should be used more at weddings: “I said I loved you, but I lied“. If you are thinking it’s a wrong song choice, head over and listen to the lyrics. Earlier in the day, I had already spotted Keith’s BBQ truck so I was looking forward to some good eats at the reception. Cutting in line as usual, *(Thanks, Pat!) as to make sure I was finished eating before anything ‘happened’, I am so happy I chose to get some of everything on my plate. One comment I kept hearing pretty much summed it up: “This is STUPID GOOD BBQ!” True story. Once I came back in it was time for the speeches. Every speech that was given was touching, but in my decade of shooting weddings I have never seen as good of speech as Leah, the bride’s sister, gave that night. Starting with reenactment of the speech scene from the movie Bridesmaids, which was pulled off flawlessly, and ending with more emotion and comedy then should be packed into one speech, it’s safe to say everyone was moved. As I wiped my mascara from my eyes and hid behind my camera, I could start to capture the beginning of the dances. Rachel’s parents danced together to a song her dad wrote for her mom. I loved when she said “we might not be good dancers but we are going to have fun!” Nothing better. And they were great dancers! Even a dip at the end. When Wild World started playing for the father daughter dance I just smiled and thought how great it was to hear. After Cody danced with his mom, the bride and groom took the dance floor. Things got serious when the music stopped mid dance. Everyone questioned the silence until a new song started. Yes, you should go click on the link and let it play while you look at the rest of the pictures. So a little Dirty Dancing happened, twirly dress and all. The rest of the night, The Naked Maja led the party, and the dance floor never emptied. The night filled with electric music, crazy dance moves (and drops) and ended with lighting up outside the tent with sparklers. Rachel and Cody didn’t want to miss out, so they grabbed sparklers for themselves, lit ’em up, and ran through their crowd to finish their big untraditional wedding. Guests were already telling them to have a one year anniversary party… let’s see!

7 thoughts on “Rachel & Cody | Anything but Ordinary

  1. Nice work on photographing this Austin wedding! I love all the action shots, rather than depending on stale poses, your candid and photojournalistic coverage was right on point to tell the story of heartfelt love. These images are beautiful and scream Austin with their originality.


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