Courtney & Eric | Deep in the Heart of Texas

These two danced outside with some of their closest friends holding sparklers around them- and it was spectacular. Go enjoy their golden hour session during their wedding and a few highlights from their engagement, you won’t be disappointed! (hint, there is a dog… you’re welcome.)

TEN Wedding Ideas to keep from 2016

Which WEDDING IDEAS TO KEEP for your planning!

Samantha & Brandon | Love at First Sight

If you want to see a real life love story.. don’t miss this wedding!

Rachel & Cody | Anything but Ordinary

“I’m not a fan of Pinterest“. Ahhhh! Music to my creative ears. Don’t get me wrong, that link takes you to my own Pinterest page.. but I would much rather be taking pictures of couples setting the trends instead of trying to copy someone else’s entire wedding day. ┬áSo I set up my gear and […]