Jeana & Jon | Love at Sacred Oaks

It can’t be a bad sign when butterflies flock to your wedding. It also can’t be bad when you hear people saying “no they aren’t just saying that.. they really are making an exception since ya’ll are so great!”. Well these two deserved every good omen coming their way. Maybe not the one that went as far as saying someone prayed for them to have TWELVE kids.. but hey- who can predict the future, right?
We all had way too much fun getting all of the wedding party photos outdoors. I took both parties out separately and they each brought their own fun to the table… or truck, to be more specific for the guys. The flowers for this wedding were incredible, among other details done to perfection. Hundreds of rich pink rose petals were laid down the aisle along with tall candle filled lanterns to set the romantic mood inside of Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy. As the music started and the girls walked slowly down the aisle, one could’t help but laugh as the minister commented (yes, out loud) on each and every one of their beautiful faces. But once those doors opened for Jeana to start her walk to her husband to be, you could tell why Jon got emotional. Eyes swayed from his emotion to her smile as they were able to watch as they saw each other for the first time that day. The beautiful music that filled the venue faded out as Jeana’s dad gave her away. You can tell by the fun reactions and facial expressions that this was not a boring ceremony by any means. These two were enjoying themselves and the stories being told as they looked to each other, and their family during the ceremony. After rings and vows were exchanged, everyone cheered as they made things official and walked back down their beautiful aisle. We took family outside for portraits, had even more fun with the wedding party, and then it was time for Mr. and Mrs. Hagood to enjoy their first real moments together as man and wife. Some of the best parts of my job are being able to allow a quiet moment to happen between them as they let everything sink in. Then the celebration begins! The speeches from the maid of honor and best man, who were the groom’s sister and brother in law, were incredibly sweet and so funny. From laughter to tears, they made their way over to their amazing cakes to get desert started! The grooms entire cake was created to be a dumbbell, which is completely original and fitting for this pair of weight lifters. The dancing never died down, so I almost feltl bad sneaking them out for a night portrait as “Timber” played on in the background. The DJ kept the night going and no one wanted things to end as all the guests lined up to help send them on their way. Jeana and Jon ran through their sparklers and waved goodbye to their guests and what will be one of their greatest days in their new life together. A huge thanks to Lindsay of In Her Shoes Coordination for keeping everything going for Jeana and Jon’s big day!
Wedding Venue- Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, Texas
Wedding Florist- Whim Florals
Wedding Coordinator- Lindsay of In Her Shoes Coordination

12 thoughts on “Jeana & Jon | Love at Sacred Oaks

  1. Amy, the colors in these photos are unreal. You did such a fantastic job. I’m literally in awe at how vibrant some of these photos look.
    In addition, you did an awesome job capturing the spirit of this day. I can tell you were very deliberate in your planning of some of these shots and the results speak for themselves. Great job! 🙂

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  2. I love the little details you added at the beginning to add to the story, and who doesn’t love butterflies? Your collage is awesome and adds to your vibrant colored wedding pictures. Beautifully done

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