Caylie & Nick | Dreamy Spring Wedding at Camp Lucy

Their dogs dressed in a dress and tux. Golden hour and night shots abounding. Flawless dessert table and dancing you’ll need to take note of! See Camp Lucy in a whole new light with…

Mary & Matt | Winter Wedding at Camp Lucy

Romantic evening wedding at Camp Lucy’s Sacred Oaks Texas wedding venue.

Let Them Eat Cake! (or any sweet your heart desires…)

Never let anyone limit your sweet tooth! Get amazing ideas for a unique treat that will leave your guests happy.

Jeana & Jon | Love at Sacred Oaks

It can’t be a bad sign when butterflies flock to your wedding. It also can’t be bad when you hear people saying “no they aren’t just saying that.. they really are making an exception since ya’ll are so great!”. Well these two deserved every good omen coming their way. Maybe not the one that went […]

Sarah & Danny | Lockers, Uniforms & Twirls

I have to admit. My top weddings (you know, Fave5 type thing) have always been destination weddings. I had a feeling this wedding would change all that. If you listened to conversations going on from the beginning of the day to the end of the reception you heard a common thread about this Bride. “She […]

Neyda & Andres | Bringing Island Vibes to Texas

This sweet bunch had me feel comfortable from the get-go. As the bride sat and finished off her makeup and pulled a few natural curls around her beautiful floral hair piece, I took a look around the room. Such an adorable venue to prep in! I took the brides shoes and set them up with her gorgeous dress, found […]