Wendy & Jeff | Incandescently Happy

If you haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice, put down your phone. Shut your computer. Go watch it so you can fully appreciate the beauty wrapped up in the subtle themes throughout this wedding. Here is a little music inspiration to play in the background while you read. Every detail was personal. The invitations and save the dates were so fitting for the beautiful venue at Kindred Oaks. Rustic and delicate. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter and more loving couple to spend the day with. I was able to take all of their details around the venue for some setup shots and got so excited to see  Eudora’s van pull up!  I fell in love with their talent (ok, I’ll just say it.. their food. I fell in love with their food!) at a Bridal show and knew I was in for some delicious cuisine. I was looking forward to Wendy and Jeff’s wedding. I knew it would be romantic. With Pride and Prejudice as an inspiring factor you just can’t go wrong in my book. The ceremony was set up beautifully. Childhood photos of the bride and groom lined the aisle, and a stunning floral piece was perfectly positioned on their arch. The procession, the music.. all went as planned. I know what to expect for most of each wedding. I know where to position myself to anticipate the big moments… the rings, the unity ceremony, the kiss. But their vows were unexpectedly wonderful. Personal vows have something so intense about them. It draws every guest into a narrative of the couple’s story. Their lives together have been intertwined and they are now allowing you in on how they plan to keep connecting to each other for the rest of their lives. Wendy and Brad took you through their journey from long distance friends to finally dating. They took you along to see what they love and adore about each other. How long it took for each of them to fall, which is a fantastic story, and how long they plan on making each other incandescently happy as man and wife. After the ceremony we ran away (literally) to get this crazy fun bunch into some fun photos together, and to catch that golden hour that I love so much. Throughout the reception the speeches were full of love and laughter and stories of how happy everyone was that these two were married. We learned about Jeff’s school days from his best man, and also some touching stories of Wendy growing up as seen through her dad’s eyes. As her dad talked about her sitting on the stairs waiting for him to get home from work, I was so happy that I was able to get a first look with both Wendy’s mom and her dad. You could tell how important family and friends were to these two. Guests had travelled from everywhere to celebrate. So much so, they actually made a wooden directional post listing all the states that were represented. I had never seen that and I thought it was so sweet to show the ones who traveled that they appreciated how far they’d come. That was far from the only hand made creation. One of their best friends had designed a beautiful wooden box that held a bottle of wine. They placed the bottle in the box along with the air from the wedding as they sealed the box and made it air tight, not to be opened until their anniversary. How neat is that?? Then the music started and the dance floor opened. I am so happy to say I have found my favorite first dance! I actually had to move quickly around the dance floor with them while capturing their faces of complete joy. It was the first upbeat song that I have seen for a first dance and I loved it. They were so adorable with every twist, turn and swing to the beat and it didn’t stop after the first dance. Even Wendy’s grandmother who is in her 90’s hit the dance floor! So why not extend the fun? You know it’s a good party when things go past the intended stop time. Everyone finally lined up to give them a great send off with sparklers and say goodnight to the new Mr. and Mrs. We snuck them back around for a few more night portraits, and I am so glad we did. The moon was stunningly bright and we made use of it to add just one more ounce of romance to their fairytale. I’m so happy for Wendy and Jeff. They truly are bewitched, body and soul.

8 thoughts on “Wendy & Jeff | Incandescently Happy

  1. Fantastic job in capturing the details of this day and the candid moments. This couple looks amazing! I never had a chance to see Pride and prejudice,but I think I’m going to have to see what it’s all about now!

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  2. Beautiful shots of all the details in this pretty outdoor wedding! The bridal shots are so soft and sweet, I know she’ll absolutely love them. The sunset photos of the couple are so romantic. Congratulations to Wendy and Jeff!

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