Let Them Eat Cake! (or any sweet your heart desires…)

When you are planning for months (or years!) to marry the love of your life, so many details can get lost in the shuffle. Contracts, reminders, fittings, emails to vendors all swirling around you- it can be daunting even for those of us in the business!
 My advice is always “make it personal”. Taking each area of the day and seeing if there are little ways to add a personal touch can really help your guests feel like they are part of your lives together, not just one day. And on my end, the photos that I take throughout the day can really help me tell your story. These are just the start of some of my favorite sweet treats. Think about a few different ways to add a unique element to yours… and feel free to share with someone who is engaged! Start pinning your favorites to your dream wedding board on Pinterest and you’ll come up with your own grand cake idea before you know it!
Here are some areas to think about:
Cake toppers.
I will be posting a separate blog *just* for these bad boys. There are such wonderful ideas on Pinterest and Easy for custom orders. If you are both into the same show, why not put the main characters on top? (See the Game of Thrones toppers on the gorgeous pink ombre wedding cake!)
 Cake decoration/Theme.
This can be as simple as fitting the cake into your wedding theme. From rustic chic to elegant and formal, you can have your cake’s character pop out anywhere you want! *(note the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming out of the *back* of a formal cake!) You can be sure the flowers match that of your bouquet or the girls dresses as well. If your dress has detail that you would like to coordinate, show your baker your dress details and think about adding a lace appliqué to your design! Coming to the next cake blog will be a Lord of the Rings themed cake with Elvish script embellishment!
If at all possible, don’t hide the cake! Think about the room your reception is in, and where your guests might be able to walk past and admire the cake before you dive in. Also try not to place the cake in front of a non-appealing area of the room. (Think big air vents, main electrical plugs). If you are getting married in a room with a gorgeous view (like the Duomo in Florence?) then by all means, face the cake that way!!
Grooms cake.
Now this is where you can let the crazy out! Even if you are having the classiest black tie affair, you can let loose with the grooms cake! Are you weight lifters? Is he from Canada? If you are a lover of all things Star Trek, think about having The Chef Vanessa create you a Death Star replica! These are just a few of the ideas pictured here.. Get ready for the next cake blog which will have a movie reel grooms cake, a Marine medal cake, and plenty more!
From macaron towers, stacks of donuts, creme brûlée served after dinner, or cupcakes lined up in a row, there are no limits to what you are “allowed” to do. What will excite you to see at your wedding? There are even plenty of desserts inspired from other countries. If your meemah can pass on her recipe as a gift- TAKE IT. You can also break tradition with how you do your cake cutting… Why not cut the cake with a sword? (That specific cake pictured is by 2tarts) You are the ones getting married. Make your own rules!
Who says you need to keep things vanilla? Of course if that is your favorite flavor, then by all means! But I have had a chai tea topped with buttercream. I have had an Oreo cake with extra chocolate. I have had a red velvet melt in your mouth cupcake. I could go on.. but it’s time to go get me some cake!!
Add a comment below (your email address is never shared!!)  if you want to share you own ideas from your wedding to inspire more brides or even if you have a question on a cake or topic mentioned here. If you have any questions on wedding cake designers please use the contact section and I will help you find one in your area. Weddings should be as stress free as possible for you and your guests! Let them eat cake!

16 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake! (or any sweet your heart desires…)

  1. OK. I made a giant mistake checking out this blog. All I want now is cake. lol
    Amy, you did a great job with this blog. Love the concept. I was actually thinking of doing something similar at the end of the year with photos of the different traditional beats of a wedding so it’s cool to see it come to life like this.
    I am, of course, partial to the Ninja Turtles cake. That is soooo cool.
    Great job!
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, my sweet tooth is calling 🙂

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    • Lol, I hope you got a big piece of cake, Paul! I hope you get to do a similar idea- it’s so fun to look through collections of weddings! And yes, the ninja turtles stole a lot of hearts so far 😉


  2. Down to the smallest details, Austin wedding photographer Birdsong Weddings, captures beautiful images of all those details you worked so hard on. I love these images of cakes and sweets, the composition is always just right for the detail being photographed.

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  3. What an amazing collection of wedding cake inspiration! I love the groom cake photos and ideas here, I only wish the concept was as popular in my area as is it for Austin wedding photographers. Yummy post, Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG! This is such a great collection of cake tips and photos! I can’t believe how many different kinds of cake you’ve photographed at weddings and events! I love, love, love when couples have multiple smaller cakes. Also, the tip about cake placement is so key. I get so sad when cakes are placed near speakers or in lonely corners.. they deserve the good light too!!

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  5. the is a deliciously beautiful blog post. every cake is unique but I admit I have a favorite. The Nina turtles coming out of a simple elegant white cake is just perfect. Love it. I just love seeing so many different cakes. It just goes to show how so many brides and grooms out there have completely different taste in wedding details, no pun intended. Great job capturing all these perfect details

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