Sarah & Lindsey | Love on the Ranch

If you have not had a chance to read about this couple’s field day before their wedding- head over a page to check that out first! ( Sarah&Lindsey) You’ll get a little understanding into how fun this crew is, and see why I felt so comfortable from the start of the morning of their big day. Hair and makeup was in full swing and I grabbed all the details to take photos before the girls were ready. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of character around the venue. Moon River Ranch is the best I’ve seen for out of town weddings! Plenty of room for guests of the wedding with their 550 acre ranch. Oh, think of all the places to take detail shots.. As I wandered around I kept seeing new spots to take the bride and groom for portraits. I’m glad I found my way back in time to get Sarah out for some gorgeous bridal photos before the first look. Now these two didn’t actually see each other before the wedding, they had something special in mind. We found a sweet little spot in a chapel tucked away from everyone for them to be near each other and spend time talking without any family or guests around. We kept a door between them as they each read a letter the other had written specifically for their wedding day. It’s such a privilege in my work when I can be a part of such a sweet moment. They said their I love you’s and we sent Lindsey back off to the lake house with the rest of the guys. The guys were able to go shooting that morning, which is another perk of having so much land to get ready on. I headed back with Sarah to get the girls from the cabin to have some fun with photos before all the guests arrived. Once it was go time- everyone found their seat by the little white chapel and the processional started. Everyone loved the beautiful surprise as Sarah and her dad pulled up in a 1950’s classic red Chevy truck. The entire ceremony was full of some of the widest smiles and quite a few tears. Everything was personal and by the time they said I do I wanted to whoop and holler along with the friends and family! And this group even made the family photos fun. I couldn’t wait to get the newlyweds away for some portraits. This field went as far as we could see and I could have probably stayed there the entire set. Completely happy that we moved on- we hopped on a golf cart and were able to include Art, their new puppy in the next set of portraits and I again had to force myself to move along as golden hour hit and I was pretty sure these two could make it on a magazine. Reception time happened and they danced from the moment they were announced. When Sarah and her dad danced to Trisha Yearwood’s X’s and O’s something lit up for me. I love that song. Since I already knew all of the words to this one there was goosebumps on my arm. The words could not have been more fitting and wonderful for the pair of them to dance around the dance floor. “She’s going to make it in her daddy’s world.” Yep. I was already loving this crowd, *(and that sunset!? No filter on that, ladies and gents) and it only got better with the speeches. Between PJ’s speech with touching stories and humor, and their best man’s speech ending with the Baylor’s “sic ‘em” bear claw, it’s a wonder the guests had emotion left for Sarah’s dad’s speech. Talk about a tear jerker! These two are inspiring to watch.  Once they cut the cake- we ran out to grab a couple night photos in the field. We had way too much fun then ran back inside to dance. The music was every good song from every good decade. Without skipping the 90’s, obviously! I got camera happy as everyone had their glowsticks out and danced their way through the soul train. I was a little sad to know that the party was going to keep going after the big exit.. but when you have a whole ranch to yourselves, you don’t cut off just because the photographer leaves! I know this crew had an amazing weekend, and I am happy I got to be a part.

17 thoughts on “Sarah & Lindsey | Love on the Ranch

  1. OHMYGOSH!!! Absolutely stunning wedding photography! Moon River Ranch looks like an amazing venue. The bride and groom photos are SO beautiful. Just a gorgeous Texan wedding, the bride and groom should be thrilled with these!

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    • Thank you so much! The wedding venue was just dreamy. And the bride and groom could not have been more wonderful! Austin wedding photography is great- but I love getting to photograph other parts of beautiful Texas. I have the best job!


  2. That is such beautiful country wedding photography!! You captured such wonderful photos at the ranch venue! Anyone who loves that country feel would love to have their wedding photos taken by you!!!

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  3. What beautiful images! This venue is a photographer’s dream–whimsical and rustic with all the right details to make great images. Your photos captured the spirit of the day, friendship, the love, the rawkus dance party–all of it is captured with a unique storytellers perspective. What a beautiful day! Congratulations to Sarah & Lindsey!

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    • I appreciate that! Wedding photographer’s dream for sure 🙂 Moon River Ranch is all sorts of dreamy! I am glad I have the opportunity to tell their story along side their wedding photography. I love when everything comes together like this!


  4. This is a really beautiful wedding at the Moon River Ranch. You do amazing wedding photography and I can feel the love and joy of the day in these photos!

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  5. This moon river ranch wedding is gorgeous! I love all the rustic details and obviously you had me hooked with a beautiful bride in blue cowboy boots! Congrats Sarah and Lindsay!


  6. Amy,
    I love how unique your photos feel. They have such a different style and vibe compared to a lot of what I see out there and these pictures are phenomenal.
    I love the wide open field formals you did with the bride and groom and the lighting for the reception is top notch, which makes these photos stand out.
    And what a cute venue for a barn venue.
    Great job. 🙂


  7. What a great Country wedding. The ceremony pictures are so bright and beautiful. love the ranch pictures and the red chevy truck ones are my favorite!


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