Karleigh & Hunter | Class on the Greens


From the time I shot Karleigh’s bridal portraits in downtown Austin and  around the venue, Austin Country Club, I knew I could get excited about their portraits. I already spent time with the bride and groom during their engagement session, which you should definitely take a look at if you haven’t! (That link will take you right to it!) I’m proud to say I still did my best for this Ole Miss family.. in case you did not click back to check out their engagement photos around the 360 bridge, I also mentioned that I am born into being a Bulldog (Hail State!) and proud of it. Now where was I? Yes, we put all that aside! This family welcomed me into their home to shoot the preparation of the big day, and let me tell you- there was a wonderful commotion of prep. Girls in pink getting dolled up by a phenomenal Austin makeup and hair team, Lola Beauty, and dresses, gifts and every other wedding detail around the house. The house had turned into wedding central and it was a perfect backdrop for the show stopping wedding gown Karleigh chose. It was only fitting that they get married in the romantic Smith Family Chapel here in Austin. I love discovering new venues so close to home! And we all know I love shooting new things… so when they mentioned that the guys had SHOT the duck that produced the feathers for the boutonnieres? I was all in. Slap that next to the groom’s mallard cuff links and I had a completely unique detail photo of something I had definitely never seen before.  I think it’s endearing to ask anyone that is a part of the bride and groom’s lives to be a part of the ceremony. These two were blessed to have the bride’s grandfather be able to officiate their wedding. It added such a personal touch to an already family filled day. Now, once these two said “I do”.. the fun kicked into high gear. We headed over to the luxurious Austin Country Club where the cocktail hour was already lively as we climbed into our golf cart to catch some magic during golden hour on the lush green golf course. And magic really did happen. Between Karleigh’s magazine worthy bridal gown and the sun setting just over the trees, Hunter lifted her up at the perfect time, and, well: magic. Back at the Country Club they had a private room set up for the newlyweds to enjoy a meal together before they took on the excitement of their night. And the night did not disappoint! I cannot say enough good things about the wedding band. Memphis Train Revue had the perfect mix of hype rolled into their soulful R&B sound and it had me dancing all night. I even grooved over to the candy bar, and almost missed out on amazing details like a Hershey’s kiss bigger than my head that cutely read “Harrises Kiss” and an actual marshmallow TREE. In front of which I later witnessed the best (albeit the only) marshmallow fight I’ve ever seen! I of course let them throw the sugar fluffs right at me before walking back into the main room. The action never stopped. The food kept coming, the drinks were pouring and I was thoroughly impressed when a bridesmaid single handedly caught the bouquet while keeping her drink in hand. That, ladies and gents, is a skill set. I can’t finish the night without mentioning that I *may* or may not have been making my rounds while checking in on the State game. Thankfully I knew just where to go to know the current score. Anytime there is a group men huddled around staring at what seems to be the wedding centerpiece, I know there is score checking going on. The best part- everyone ended up happy with all of the excitement going on. Win or lose for the team, you get cake.. so there were no real losers, right? I’m glad I stole the new couple for a night photo with their sparklers before wrapping up the night. Their sparkler exit was epic, too. These two had a beautiful flight of stairs, creating such a beautiful setup for me! I’m so happy I was a small part of this night. What a loving family. These two were “Love at First Shot” and I wish them many more hunting trips to come!

8 thoughts on “Karleigh & Hunter | Class on the Greens

  1. This is a beautiful Austin Wedding at the austin country club. The outdoor pictures are stunning with the golden light. I love the vines on the Smith family chapel it makes for a great backdrop. The reception looks like a ton of fun. You did an amazing job Amy as per usual.

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    • Thank you so much! Austin Country club made my job easier, for sure! Being an Austin wedding photographer is unique with each wedding. I love my job. I had actually never even seen the Smith Family Chapel, so I was pleasantly surprised!


    • Her wedding gown was just dreamy, glad you enjoyed it! As a wedding photographer in Austin I love getting so many backdrops, and this particular area in Austin provides the best scenery! Thank you for stopping by! ❤


  2. Absolutely stunning Austin wedding photography! The romantic portraits of the bride and groom at sunset are absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful details and gorgeous reception lighting. Beautiful work.


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