Britni & Michael | The Perfect Storm

You can always feel the energy when you show up to a wedding. It seemed everyone at this wedding had been waiting for this. Britni and Michael made sure to make their day full of the people closest to them. Surrounding yourself with family and friends is what life is about. That way, you are spending the best day of your life with people that will be able to remind you exactly how special it all was. Every detail created a beautiful Fall atmosphere within the walls of the Tejas Hall, just one of the stunning wedding venues in Texas Old Town. With Fall leaves instead of flower petals, pumpkins and baby’s breath worked into the center pieces, and you could never leave out the bride’s perfect lace bridal gown. It all tied together to make a dreamy Autumn cabin escape for their guests. Once those twinkle lights turned on I stood back, looked at all the wooden benches that filled the center of the hall and took a breath. Ready. Now to get a few prep shots of the wedding party. One more reason I was sure this group was tight knit. They were such a blast to shoot! From the guys showing off their mustache and beer socks and doing “the Britni” for a pose, I knew the night was bound to be anything but boring. The girls were all so sweet, finishing getting ready in their matching lounging outfits and taking turns gushing over the fact that their friend was getting married today. Now whether or not a couple does a “first look” to see each other before the ceremony is completely up to them. Britni and Michael chose to talk to each other without seeing each other, which was an honor to watch. They held hands as they read their thoughtful letters to each other. It was hard not to get choked up as Britni began to cry through readying her letter. Each word was centered around loving for a lifetime and allowing God to take them on a journey together. How can you not get emotional? These two were ready to go down that aisle. All the bridal party took out time to surround the bride in prayer before starting the most important day of her life. Once she was fully ready, we opened the door for one of my favorite first looks. Her dad. And if I didn’t want to cry before, my goodness. They both shared tears, laughs and a hug then we knew that was it. It was time for the ceremony. The photos really do say it all. Their ceremony was full of meaningful stories and promises in front of God to stay together for all their lives. They had such incredible examples to set the path for them sitting right there in the front row. Once their vows were done and they were pronounced man and wife, this party seemed to never stop! Scroll through their wedding party photos and you will get a tiny preview of how much fun the reception was going to be. I took Britni and Michael alone for a couple more photos outside and since she was in her gorgeous heels, he swept her off her feet to carry her back to the reception. There are perfect hideaway rooms upstairs at Texas Old Town where we took a few more portraits before getting Britni into her custom made bridal flip flops. I let them be so I could get a few more detail shots downstairs. I loved that she had a bridesmaid who happened to do calligraphy for her signs. Also, instead of a guest book, they had their guests sign a “Z” for them to keep in their home. There were sun glasses for everyone in the wedding party and adorable props for photo ops everywhere, way to make me happy. I had already seen the cupcake tower, mini cake, and the groom’s cake and couldn’t wait to get those photos. Sweet Treets always does an amazing job at nailing exactly what each couple imagines. This wedding happened to be darling and delicious cupcakes along side a Darth Vader groom’s cake! How perfect. Not just because I’m about to see the Star Wars movie… again. I might have also dressed up a mini pumpkin with their props, and I’m okay with that. Everyone loved watching the couple’s first dance and once the dance floor officially opened, this group definitely showed me the works! Once the DJ got the music going, these guests could shake it with the best of them, and the best of them happened to be a very young kid who I might have offered to hire to dance at my other weddings… Don’t judge me. Look at his whip and nae nae!!! :: Sigh :: Very rare times do I wish that I recorded video. Hopefully the photos give you a feel for the amazingness. Possibly one of my favorite photos of the Fall season happened because of this willing couple. They trusted me enough to be lead out into the rain, at night, for a couple more shots before they wrapped up the dancing. Once we wrapped up our night portrait, they danced the night away until it was time for their exit. Their guests lined up and flooded the exit with bubbles for them. I know I enjoyed this night, and I am so happy to be able to provide moments for them to remember for a lifetime.

8 thoughts on “Britni & Michael | The Perfect Storm

  1. Such a great austin wedding they all look like they are having a blast from the individual bridal party pictures to the rainy portraits outside. They are having fun no matter what. I love that Darth radar grooms cake. I swear you get the best cakes to photograph! which must mean you have awesome couples!


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