Ivy & Matthew | New York State of Mind

This August wedding can’t come soon enough.

With the excitement that comes with a New York wedding, I thought it completely necessary to shoot their engagement up there as well. Even though they would be traveling to Austin soon enough (and of course I love my city), an engagement session in New York was weighing on my mind. And for good reason.

If you are on instagram at all, you probably have your favorite galleries to follow. If you read this blog, let’s hope my gallery is one of them.  With my feed you’ll stay up to date on all the gushy good feels of weddings and engagements around the world. And if you love the idea of crazy good night photography that freezes the fast pace of NYC in time, then you’ll need to go follow this groom-to-be.

Meeting Ivy and Matthew for their session, I knew it would be cold since I had spent the weekend hopping from metro to metro taking leisurely strolls all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

No idea how much coffee I consumed to keep me perfectly warm, but that wasn’t an option during a shoot.

The three of us met down at Riverview Restaurant & Lounge, aptly named since it was a gorgeous spot down by the waterside in Long Island City. I was incredibly thankful that Matt chose the location. I was overwhelmed with the amazing skyline views and couldn’t wait to get started. We started at the perfect time to catch daylight, golden hour, blue hour and of course finish with a night shot.

I can’t say enough about how much of a trooper this future bride was and it had me laughing the entire time.

It was freezing, and what an added pleasure to have the icy winds whipping off the water. Figuring it would help distract us, we tried to jump around and talk as much as possible and it was great hearing part of their story.

From meeting at Penn State and being in advertising in New York *(which I sadly found out is nothing like Mad Men) you could tell how these two fell in love. And I fell in love with their jerseys (and height difference) along with their story.

Hearing them laughing with each other was adorable, and when I told them that- Ivy yelled out “no, we were actually being mean to each other!”

And it was perfect.

These two are so honest, and it made it that much better to work with. There were no fake laughs, no cheesy fake smiles. These two knew each other. To me, that is a great thing to watch. Having the Chrysler Building as a backdrop during their session was simply a bonus.

Be sure to check back in the Fall for the blog featuring their wedding! It’s sure to be a beautiful thing.


11 thoughts on “Ivy & Matthew | New York State of Mind

  1. Stunning New York engagement session. They are so cute together and I love your ever changing backdrops. You know how to really use the city. The sun setting shots with the dimming city lights are beautifully done. Love that time of day.

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    • Between their love for each other and our love for New York City.. it was a great combination to capture their engagement session! Thank you for following Elizabeth Birdsong Photography and Birdsong Weddings!


  2. New York wedding photographers, Birdsong Weddings, hit the ball right out of the park on this one. This engagement session is beautiful and shows a couple in love in the City. The locations and natural captures of the couple at magic hour shows that Birdsong knows how to pick the right lighting and locations to tell beautiful stories. I’m a fan! This is a magical session.

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    • Thank you so much Ailecia! New York city photography has always been magical to me, so to get to shoot an engagement session there was a dream. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography is so proud to tell the story of each and every Birdsong Wedding ❤

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  3. Your destination engagement and destination wedding shoots are blowing me away! I love this New York engagement session. It’s a special skill to be able to drop into a place you’re unfamiliar with and nail such intimate, romantic work while utilizing the iconic nyc background. I can’t wait to see their NYC wedding photos!

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    • I appreciate that, Lori! New York has a special place in my heart and I was honored to be the photographer to shoot this engagement session. Seeing those epic New York City skylines was just a dream. I can’t wait to shoot the wedding!


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