Gitanjali & Onno | Lodi Garden, New Delhi

For tonight’s blog- you should really start by reading about this New Delhi wedding day. Why? Because I knew I could never sum up the adventure I had while staying in India in one post, and this is the second installment. (Of how many? Who knows… stay tuned for that.) Today I’ll be taking you along their wedding portrait session. We started at their beautiful home which I thought was so sweet. It allows their friends and families see into their daily lives. It lets them see them at home, relaxed and happy. How can you not be relaxed and happy with the aroma of delicious freshly cooked dishes being prepared in the kitchen? I was completely taken care of during my stay, and I was not about to hide how much I loved the food! After eating more than my fill, I got my equipment out and ready. The light was pouring in perfectly as we started in one of the living areas of their home. The bride kicked up her Jimmy Choo’s and I started clicking. I was so excited to incorporate the book Cocktails & Dreams into the portraits, since the bride wrote it! These two are full of surprises and interesting stories. Each painting around their home had a unique reason for being there. Now of course you’ll need to hunt out each one in the photos. The pumpkin painting (yes, I’ll ask about a more formal title to all of these) was the sweetest to me. It represented how even something so grand as a pumpkin needed the stalks of the maize for shade and the wisps of stalks needed the pumpkin to be grounded. And yes- I immediately thought of this adorably petite bride and her groom who is well over six feet tall. There was also the coy fish painting and the night in Dubai painting that I was drawn to for photos. Dubai was special to them, and I loved hearing that each part of decorating their home was so purposeful. I couldn’t help but keep asking more about their own story as we wrapped up before going over to finish our session across the street. Their driver took me over to Lodi Gardens. Such a short drive, but the cool air hitting me as the windows rolled down on the way made it seem like a dream. They walked over and met me at the gardens and started telling me about her engagement ring. What a cute story! She said she would not get engaged unless he found her a ring the color of his eyes. The story of how he made that happen could be a blog in itself- but he pulled it off and I am so glad he did! Now, given the name, as we were walking and talking, I expected to be walking into the entrance a garden. You know… a garden. Here in Texas, when we take you to a garden, there will most likely be shrubbery, flowers, dirt… and well, that could be it. Pretty flowers, of course, but no ancient ruins hanging around. Definitely not ancient ruins spread over a beautiful 90 acre lot. Until they opt for a name change, I will say this: Lodi Gardens is a captivating mix of stunning old world structures, intricate pathways with delicate flowers, ancient tombs and water features. Take a look at the photos and enjoy the walk around the gardens with us. It ends at the “kissing gate” and it was a perfect way to end such an enjoyable afternoon of portraits!

11 thoughts on “Gitanjali & Onno | Lodi Garden, New Delhi

  1. I loved following you on this journey and wedding. They are a beautiful couple and their wedding pictures are beautiful. I love how colorful and stunning they are. You did such a wonderful job and Im sure it was such a great expericen getting to travel to Indian and experience an Indian wedding first hand

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    • Thank you Kelly! The colors were such a beautiful part of the whole wedding event in Delhi. I loved seeing all of the Indian wedding traditions, for sure. Such a good break from all of the Western wedding traditions I love to shoot here in Austin!


  2. Gorgeous lifestyle engagement session in Lodi Garden, New Delhi! I love the vibrant colors and unique engagement story. This couple was so lucky to have found the perfect Austin Wedding photographer to capture their destination New Delhi wedding.

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    • Thank you Sonia! Their wedding portrait session through Lodi Garden was full of love and color. It is wonderful how other weddings can bring together an Austin wedding photographer and a stunning Indian wedding in Delhi ❤


  3. This bride and groom look like they’re having so much fun during this shoot! I love how they welcomed you into their home in India for some portraits before heading out to the beautiful Lodi Garden! Please do a blog post about the story behind her engagement ring? With a million pictures of the gorgeous ring?

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    • I would need to go back just to shoot the ring! But a trip back to Delhi sounds fine by me. This entire week of wedding events in India has this Austin wedding photographer itching for more travel! Thank you for reading the second installment to the wedding blog ❤


  4. Destination weddings like this are why it’s a good idea to go the extra mile when planning your wedding. You get what you pay for! These are fantastic portraits, with just the right amount of photojournalistic distance to make them truly unique. The bride and groom must be thrilled with this collection. Well done!


  5. What beautiful captures! I love this New Delhi love story–from the intimate captures in the couple’s home to the lovely photos in Lodi Gardens. You did a great job capturing the love between these two, and showing a peak into their fun personalities. Great set!


  6. I LOVE all of your destination wedding photography! Your shots of this Indian Wedding in New Delhi are beautiful. Love the lifestyle portraits in the home and the b&g outdoor portraits are perfect! SO good!


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