Megan & Jason | Heritage House Romance

From the first look to the last dance, this wedding was non stop fun. I got to Heritage House early and walked around the wedding venue to find a spot to shoot the wedding portraits. This Dripping Springs wedding venue was abounding. It seems to trail off into the distance out near their cabins where the wedding party was staying. I brought the bride and groom out to see each other for the first time and it was such a treat getting to watch it all happen. They read the sweet letters they had written to each other and he gave her a beautiful pair of earrings with a romantic story all of their own. Once we let the wedding party join in, this group got the best kind of rowdy! I knew I was in for a great night. We were able to catch golden hour right before the ceremony started and it could not have been better timing. The bride’s veil stayed up in the wind for a perfect shot to sum up the night before it even started. I have to say I love waiting to see what kids will do when “released” down the aisle. This did not disappoint! These kids were adorable, and so well behaved. The photo shown was merely at the end of the aisle once he saw where he’d rather be… I happened to catch the moment at it’s most dramatic and I am so glad I did. I hope they can cherish that for a long time and for future dates to see 😉 Once the vows were said and they were pronounced man and wife- we thoroughly enjoyed the night. I held them for a few night portraits in the quaint Grace Chapel before they were introduced to their reception hall. The music was incredible. People’s Choice Band kept the guests dancing and the photo booth kept the props coming onto the dance floor! The dance floor stayed packed and the party hardly came to an end when the sparkler exit guided the newly weds to their vintage getaway car. What a beautiful day.

12 thoughts on “Megan & Jason | Heritage House Romance

  1. Yes. This is such a beautiful Texas wedding, and I can’t get over the ring bearer! Kid’s are so unpredictable and fun, you did such a great job capturing the mood and atmosphere at the Heritage House.

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  2. This a beautiful Austin wedding. I simply love barn wedding venues! I love how they lit up the inside. You truly captured their day at the heritage house. Beautiful!

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    • Thank you! Lighting for a wedding that has a barn on site can be tricky- but Heritage House made it stunning and completely gorgeous for this country wedding. Ultimate wedding venue for country couples!


  3. This is such gorgeous near Austin wedding photography! Birdsong Wedding did such a fantastic job, I am dying for that birdseye view shot of the couple on the swing. What an exquisite image for the couple to cherish. The Heritage House was such a cute venue for wedding photography, I love all the little details that make the space unique and perfect. The reception photos should be an ad for why to hire a DJ with uplighting, that lighting provided such beautiful ambiance for the dancefloor photos. Great work! Always a fan!

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    • Thank you so much Ailecia! The swing there on the tree at Heritage House is so darling. The uplighting for the wedding reception was perfect to add awesome colors to the photos! Wedding photography can always be even better with a great team involved in planning the wedding 🙂


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