Tomyra & Scott | A Fern Forest Engagement

All’s well that ends well, right?

This story ends well.

This is just a small look into a fun morning spent at Fern Forest Nature Center in South Florida. These two were so helpful and of course what helps the most: they were sweet on each other. We had a perfectly overcast day in what everyone else calls the Sunshine State.

I personally know South Florida more for it’s rain, but to my enjoyment we had a cool breeze and clouds that only provided shade. Tomyra and Scott were so much fun to shoot for, and I’m a pretty tough crowd.

Okay, I’m a tough crowd when a guy dates a friend… which all my friends get annoyed with.. I’m working on it, guys.

Watching these two was a breath of fresh air. They just seemed comfortable in who they were together. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Engagement sessions should always be this fun! Can’t wait to shoot their Florida wedding this month…

9 thoughts on “Tomyra & Scott | A Fern Forest Engagement

  1. Fern forest!!! Possibly one of the most magical location descriptions ever!! I love seeing all the wonderful shots you were able to capture in Tomyra and Scott’s South Florida engagement session. You captured the nature and scenery (as well as the couple’s cute props) so well! I can’t wait to see the wedding photographs!

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  2. These are beautiful engagement pictures. The Fern forest nature center in florida has a lot to offer as far as backgrounds and I love how you used them. You always have an amazing way of doing great close up but also stunning wide angle shots with full backgrounds really showing off both the couple and the beautiful venue they are in. Great job

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    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked the different photography angels- I can never decide if I like shooting close or wide better- so I always go with both 🙂 Taking Austin wedding photography to Florida weddings has been fun!


    • Thank you! Engagement sessions are so fun. Couples knowing what to wear for engagement sessions- even better. Love when the bride and groom to be have two outfits for their engagement portraits.


    • I love the wooded area for engagement photography! Thanks so much. I like finding areas that aren’t a giveaway as far as location- and this Florida wedding venue definitely helps with that! This Austin photographer was definitely happy to be shooting at this Florida venue.


  3. Love the scenery of this engagement shoot, it gives a moody but magical feel. Your posing is great and I love that last image with the dip. You can really feel the energy between the couple. Happy March wedding to them!


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