Rachel & Max | McKinney Falls Engagement

Between watching these two make each other laugh, and their pup running around lapping up the water around the rocks- I don’t know who had more fun! McKinney Falls State Park always has something new for me. Each season brings a change and I love it. This engagement session at golden hour was no different. The recent rainfall that brought horrible flooding around Texas made nothing but beauty around the state park. The rushing falls and the swelling river paired with the most colorful sunset I’ve seen in a while made me keep checking the back of my camera- seeing that everything was real! They went barefoot into the river and it really looked like they were already on their honeymoon. They made each other laugh during the entire session and it was contagious to be around. We walked the grounds and took in the sunset when I decided I wanted to use the still water of the puddles to create some art in their reflection. They made it easy! I set up their night shot and then we used our cell phone lights to guide our way over the rocks and out of the park. I can’t say enough how excited I am for their wedding next year! Congrats, Rachel & Max… you guys are a wonderful match!

7 thoughts on “Rachel & Max | McKinney Falls Engagement

  1. McKinney Falls State Park is a gorgeous choice for engagement photos! I always love dogs at engagement shoots and this one is perfect! I love the colors and those sunset wide angles are gorgeous! Beautiful work from this Austin, Texas wedding photographer!

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    • Thank yoU! I love dogs in engagement photos too! Especially when the dog behaves during the photo session like Harley did 😉 Always makes engagement photography different! And Austin is all about keeping things different ❤


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