Hailey & Lance | Fun at The Springs

Can I just say how fun this wedding was? I don’t think I will do it justice with a short write up and a few highlight photos, but I’ll try! I absolutely love when a couple can truly enjoy their day. It is crucial to really let go so you can let yourself feel all those good emotions that come after the stress of planning the event. Some let the stress continue until the very end and look back and wonder where their wedding day went. This was not one of those days. This was one of those days that I started having fun the moment I found the bridal room and continued until after the blue smoke hit the air. (Ok, that could sound odd, but stick with me!) As if we didn’t already have enough fun while everyone was getting ready, we were finally able to set up a time for Hailey and Lance to talk to each other before the ceremony. They wanted to stick to the tradition of waiting until they walked down the aisle to see each other, so we kept the beautiful doors of The Springs at Boerne between them. What happened next was all sorts of beautiful. They had prepared for this and it gave me the closest look into how their relationship works so well. This bride had written her words to the tune of the hit “Friday”- which was fitting since they were married on a Friday. So yes- she sang to him!! It. was. awesome. Now it was his turn. I hate to say this- but I don’t usually expect too much from the guys. When it comes to expressing themselves, they just don’t have the best track record! What a relief to hear this groom not only tell his bride to be how much he loved her, but how much he appreciated her family as well. Way to go! This sweetness set the tone for the ceremony perfectly. As the bride was walked down the aisle and given away, it was hard not to get emotional seeing the bond she had with her parents. Letting go was hard on both sides! The ceremony was full of laughter and excitement and a huge celebration when these two were finally pronounced man and wife. I had such a great time with the newly weds for their portraits, and what wedding photographer wouldn’t love having a gorgeous section of the hill country as a backdrop?! The entire reception was exciting. The speeches were hysterical. We learned about the bride thinking people knew her (when her name was on the back of her shirt) so her dad had her a new shirt made so everyone would know her new name! The father daughter dance started at a normal pace, then switched into “Watching You” as they hopped around the dance floor giving their guests all the feels. If you can turn on the volume, you should really have this song playing while you scroll through the photos. Pretty sure there might have been three different times I was holding back tears at this wedding. I gotta get it together, lol. The dancing the rest of the night was above par- and I am only showing a few highlights here! The exit came all too quickly. The guests lined up with ribbons and bells to send the couple off to leave for the night. Thankfully, they got into their getaway car and drove right around the back of the venue to get a night portrait. I asked if they minded me making it a little different for them, and I wasn’t surprised at all when they were down to finish on a bang. They chose their wedding color of blue and we lit up the night with color and smoke to create something as fun and unique as they are. Congrats, Hailey & Lance- I am so happy I was a part of your day!

**Could not have tackled this day without my favorite shooter Letitia Smith with White Light Exposure

3 thoughts on “Hailey & Lance | Fun at The Springs

  1. Okay, this post was definitely extra good with the added soundtrack, haha!! What a beautiful bit of hill country indeed!! The bridal party photos under the trees are so wonderful to see, and I can NOT get over how gorgeous the bride looks in her stunning gown!! The quiet moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony is incredibly touching and you did such a wonderful job of capturing the emotion and feeling of the moment. So many happy tears!! You KILLED it with the smoke bomb photo!!!


  2. I love this wedding photography from The Springs at Boerne! Such romantic, pretty bride and groom shots and those reception shots are so much fun! The night portrait with the smoke bomb is perfection. They need a HUGE print of that one. Beautiful work from a fabulous Austin wedding photographer!


  3. These wedding photos at The Springs are so much fun!! Lots of smiles and laughing and those guests look like they’re having A BLAST at the reception. The golden sunlight at the outdoor ceremony is gorgeous, what a perfect day. The bride and groom portraits are lovely, you can really feel the love between them how you posed them and the shots you got. I’m sure they are so happy they chose you as their wedding photographer.


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