Amber & Gary | True Love (& a Canoe!)

When I park my car before any wedding, I take one deep calming breath. I never truly know what I am walking into. The wedding party could be in full stress mode, they could be drunk. I have seen it all and never know exactly what will greet me on the other side of any given hotel room to start my long day.

Enter the bridal suite at the Lost Pines Resort. The music was going and this group was in full prepping mode and immediately welcomed me into their bridal bubble. Everyone was laughing while getting dolled up, helping each other, and even helping me! When I said I wanted to snap a photo of the group before they were ready, there was zero hesitation and everyone jumped together whether their makeup or hair was even close to ready. Then the bride was caught giving a shoulder massage on HER wedding day.

It’s going to be a great day.

I am always right with my wedding gut and this was no different. This group rocked it. Just look at how stunning they were during portraits! “So I was thinking of using the bar top–” and they were already assembling. No questions. Ahh. They get it.  Praise the Lord. We went around Sheller’s Barrelhouse Bar -which I am planning to go visit on my down time- (um, if I ever actually have some) so I can really enjoy the atmosphere.

Once we headed to the venue and I walked around- I wasn’t even ready for the nature explosion that was about to happen. If I could shoot weddings at this Elgin venue exclusively I am pretty sure I would not get tired of it. It’s a family property so it is protected from the worn out feel that the wedding “factories” (as I lovingly deem them) have in the surrounding area. They were married facing the waters under the shade of a tree- does that not already sound dreamy?? These two were looking forward to seeing each other so much that as the bride walked down the aisle towards her soon to be husband, there was hardly a dry eye as the groom teared up. They already had a flower-granny instead of a flower girl (yes!), which you think would be precious enough, but they just wanted to be sure that we had all the feels. I love when brides have a couple things that they want me to capture, but leave the 27 page Pinterest boards of ideas at home. They wanted to be sure they could get a full view of their ceremony location during the wedding. Check. How could I not? (Scroll down, look at “that” photo.. … you done? Ok.) So yes, that is a wonderful example of an idea that is important to a couple for me to note. The entire rest of the day start to finish was whatever I thought was best!

Thank you for trusting me.

Now once they were pronounced man and wife, we let loose. The wedding party, family and I got things done smoothly and I was able to start portraits for these newly weds with plenty of time for what was about to happen. We were using the lush colors of Spring reflecting over the water when I heard the word.


THEY HAVE A WHAT?! LET’S GO!! (I believe I sounded like a second grader who saw a tire swing for the first time.)

The rest is history. Or a dream. Not *entirely* sure but there are pictures. When a couple will get out in a canoe (that may or may not have had a spider in it, no big) in formal wear, you know you’re set. When that same couple trusts you enough to stand ON TOP of said canoe (with the clarification that I was once a gymnast… just.. um.. a few years ago?) you have reached wedding photographer heaven.

After the awesome speeches, the touching first dances, and the delicious food… Every age group danced the night away! We snuck out two different times during the celebrations. The sunset was too beautiful to pass up and I am so happy they went out. Can you see the outline of Texas in their silhouettes? Yeah, pretty sure that’s never going to happen for any other couple! The next time was with the full moon behind the trees. Doesn’t get more magical. I was actually sad to leave this group- even after they had their exit light up the night- I passed by their bonfire to be sure to say goodbyes. What an incredible day.

Amber & Gary I am so happy for you both and I am loving seeing the adventures you are going on together!

4 thoughts on “Amber & Gary | True Love (& a Canoe!)

  1. Amy has done it again!! Such beautiful wedding photography!! A canoe? Who would have thought!! Beautiful!!! Just plain Beautiful!!


  2. What stunning Austin wedding photography from the Lost Pines Resort! The bridal party photos are so much fun and the bride and groom in the canoe is absolutely amazing! Always a huge fan of your nighttime bride and groom portraits…so romantic! Beautiful work as always!


  3. Gorgeous Lost Pines Resort wedding photos! There are so many that I love: the bridal portraits inside the Lost Pines bridal suite of the bride in the dress and beautiful lighting are great. The canoe, I mean come on. This venue is to die for, any bride Texas bride should definitely look into having their wedding there and hiring you to photograph their wedding day!


  4. What a beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Cedar Creek, Texas!! The bridal party looked like they were having a such a great time hanging out Sheller’s Barrelhouse Bar before the wedding!! And oh my gosh, absolutely loveee the photos you captured of the bride & groom on the canoe. Such a beautiful wedding!


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