Rising Above an iPhone Photo


To me? Photography is more than art. It’s love. It’s painting with light. It’s a orchestra of knowledge that takes just as much time to perfect through one click as any artist who paints with a brush. Behind every romantic scene is passion to perfect my art. And it will never “get there”.  Perfection is a destination that is always moving farther away with information flooding in at a mind boggling rate.

In a digital age rushed with Photoshop creations and Lightroom compositions, it’s nearly impossible to know what really happened in an image. Which is why I jump around (after getting up out of mud, a thicket of chiggers, or climbing down from a tree) to show my couples the back of a camera. “LOOK what we just created!!!” Yes. We.

I take classes. I practice. I experiment. I learn. But all of this is worthless if I am not given the quick run out at night to snap some magic. It takes a couple giving up minutes of their valuable time during their wedding reception, or time during their costly engagement session to “trust me“.

They can’t see what I see, so it’s hard to even explain why it would be worth it. I wish I could insert them into the vision that’s in my head for just a minute to get them excited for what’s about to happen. Some have been following my work and are as excited as I am to get “the shot”. That makes me giddy. To hear “yes! Of course, whatever you say!” ?!?! That is everything after a long wedding day. Don’t get me wrong. I love the entire wedding day. But with iPhones being what they are now, and guests leaning out nearly EVERY wedding with their iPads to get their “money shot” (ironic, since the couple gave their money elsewhere to get that shot.. ahem..) during moments like the first kiss (seriously?!) it makes photos less special. People are less eager for their first kiss photo from me when they have twenty tagged on Facebook and Instagram already. Which is great! I want everyone to share what they got. Mind you, the quality is not the same. But you get what I am saying. They’ve “seen it”.

The classes that I go to are just part of it. The webinars, the podcasts, the digital diagrams, the tutorials constantly on while I am editing are just part of it. The gear that I have spent hard earned money on is part of it. These are the recipes for my images. By the time I get back in my car and get home after a long wedding day: ask Dave. I can hardly get out of my car. My brain is a little mushy, my feet are a lot of crampy, but I can’t put down the back of the camera scrolling to find “that image”. I upload everything, create a backup, then hop in my garden tub to try to relax after your best day ever. I want to give you just that. In one amazing image. Here are just a few examples from only the past couple years. A HUGE thank you to these couples and the many others not shown here that have simply said “yes“.

10 thoughts on “Rising Above an iPhone Photo

  1. You absolutely NAILED the difference between amuteur and iphone photography and beautiful, professional wedding photography. Your night portraits, whether its a romantic engagement shoot, a destination wedding, or beautiful Austin wedding photography, it why people pay for real photography. It is art and one that very few people truly understand what actually goes into it.


  2. Love this! So true and these pictures are a perfect representation of what you can’t do with a phone and why you should hire a professional


  3. You truly create unique images for every single wedding photography client you have! I am in love with your passion and enthusiasm for your art, and it’s so amazing to see a wedding photographer who loves their job so much!


  4. Great article on the difference between amateur photography and professional photography. This is definitely a must read for all. Killer night portraits!! Beautiful!


  5. I really appreciate this blog entry. Whatever your craft is, there is always so much going on “behind the scenes.” I find that working independently can be very isolating. It’s so reassuring to read about other people’s processes. This should be required reading for anyone looking to hire a photographer!


  6. Amy, this is a fantastic post and such a nice reminder of we crazy few do this for a living as I sit here questioning my own abilities as a photographer. lol.

    You’re right in that this is an art form and there is so much that goes into getting “THAT shot” that people never see and never appreciate.

    Thank you for putting these thoughts we all have into words and punctuating your point with some truly gorgeous photos to boot.

    Wonderful post. 🙂


  7. This collection of images – WOW. What a beautiful, beautiful testament to your talent and vision ❤ You are so incredibly talented and what you create is pure magic! I love that you're not afraid to paint beautiful portraits in the night time space. This is an area that SO many photographers (definitely myself included) could use practice in, but you've rocked all of these shots!!!


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