Matt & Ivy | Love & the New York Skyline

I may have already mentioned this, but when things are important I am completely fine with repeating myself: I (heart) NYC. I fly up when I get the chance and soak it all in while I’m there. No matter how many times I go, I hardly put my camera down. There is something magical that happens when I walk down the street and look through my lens. There is always something new. So when I got the chance to shoot this wedding, I jumped. Literally, jumped. Shooting their New York engagement session on the Long Island City piers was incredible. Freezing in January, but incredible.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out this groom’s New York City photography, do that right now. Go click the link. If you have any interest in cityscapes, night photography or just that big city feel — you’ll love it.

Now let’s get to their wedding!! I knew there would be great skyline views of New York, but the venue (Terrace on the Park) completely blew me away. Since the groom is also a photographer, my experience shooting this wedding was above and beyond what a typical wedding experience would be. I ate lobster, y’all. I. ATE. SO. MUCH. LOBSTER. And that was just for cocktail hour. But let’s take it from the top. I started the morning by taking an Uber to where the girls were getting dolled up. Music was turned up and this group was beyond entertaining. Singing, selfies, delicious food and lots of laughing made up my afternoon until we hopped into the stretch Hummer to take us to Terrace on the Park where the guys were waiting. The choice to have two shooters for this wedding was solidified when I found out that Beckah Reed was available. To have someone shooting alongside me that is completely professional as an experienced wedding photographer is more than a huge benefit. It’s just fun.

After their first look, we got ourselves and the entire wedding party into the limo and headed off to take portraits in a park. When the bride and groom realized things were not quite going our way for locations, there was zero panic. They popped open some champagne, passed around some Rosé filled gummy bears (what?!?! Yes, those exist) and enjoyed the ride. We had way too much fun taking photos around the venue with family and friends before the ceremony started. Usually this is where I get serious and talk about the heavy weighted words of the wedding vows, but these two went the route that held true to them. They had their officiant tailor the entire wedding around the truth and humor that sums up Ivy and Matt’s relationship. All the guests enjoyed laughing and celebrating seeing these two become man and wife. Even when a Pokemon Go theme song went off during the ceremony! (And no, it wasn’t the groom’s phone). To say the party never stopped after that moment is an understatement. We caught the best moments of golden hour alone in the reception ballroom before any guests were allowed to enter. Then we all ate enough food to last the night and it was not even our dinner! I had an entire plate of lobster as I mingled with their family and friends, all of whom were incredibly welcoming and excited already to see photos from the wedding as it was happening. DJ Kahn got the party started as the guests filled the ballroom. You couldn’t help but feel excited with one look out the floor to ceiling windows that surrounded the reception. Matt and Ivy had their first dance with each other and invited everyone to come join them on the dance floor. The dance floor stayed packed and cleared only for speeches. The speeches were on point with humor as much as the ceremony. You could tell how much these two were loved. Whether it was their friends from Penn State or their family that came in from all over to celebrate with them, everyone seemed to get their sense of humor. I knew sneaking this bride and groom out for a night portrait with the skyline was a must. We had very little time but I am SO happy we were able to get out on the terrace and capture a little of the glittering New York magic. We all partied the rest of the night until “That’s Amore” wrapped up the evening with a huge circle swaying back and forth. I feel like that’s how more weddings should end. One big Kum ba yah moment and a group hug. Hope everyone enjoys this wedding as much as we all did!

5 thoughts on “Matt & Ivy | Love & the New York Skyline

  1. Gorgeous wedding. I love the way your captured their reception. The fasted that Pokemon music played at their ceremony is awesome! sounds like you really enjoyed yourself in New York! your night photography is beautiful as always, I love that you captured the skyline in the background.


  2. I always appreciate when the blog and the photos match up to capture the atmosphere and mood. It really adds a whole new dimension to wedding photography. You’ve done this perfectly for a beautiful couple!


  3. Seriously such stunning wedding photography. I mean, to be fair, it’s not really possible to shoot a wedding in New York and NOT be inspired, but I’m seriously impressed. All of your Austin clients are so lucky to have you as their wedding photographer!


  4. Beautiful photography! I love how you captured this New York wedding. My favorite photographs are the night portraits, there lit perfectly. So much emotion in these stunning photographs!


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