Caitlin & Kegan | King River Ranch Wedding

Have you seen their engagement session yet?!? *(hint, you should click on that if you haven’t, or if you need a refresher!) 

King River Ranch is already a stunning Texas venue, but add a couple who is so down to earth, funny… and in love? I’m one happy lady.

First of all. Look at that wedding gown. *(feel free to scroll up and down as I gush, guys.) The venue has a house big enough for the ladies and gents to get ready in one spot and still never see each other. So I could set up the wedding dress to photograph in the window without fear of the groom walking past and seeing it. Plus that means I didn’t have to run back and forth to a separate location every time I needed to tell the groom or groomsmen something.

Can I get a hallelujah from other wedding photographers?? 

This group of ladies had the best music going during prep, and thankfully they didn’t care if I rapped along to some 90’s jams as I got those detail shots.

And those details were definitely memorable. The bride had her soon to be husband’s badge number (is that what it’s called?) custom made on her garter,  Stone Oak Jewelers did an amazing job with all of her jewels, which of course I had to incorporate on top of her boots she’d be wearing… and Caitlin’s gifts to her bridesmaids were too cute not to set up for their own mini photo shoot that looked like it was sponsored by Deep Eddy. 😉

We got them all ready in time for the first look, which… well, just go look at it… it’s an “awwww” moment for sure. I loved their reaction, and we laughed together as they even took a moment to let the wind cool them off …which I could completely appreciate!

I think one of my favorite parts was listening to the groom get excited about how she would react to his letter and present for her. I’m a huge fan of being warned if something is going to happen that’s out of the norm that will cause a reaction- it’s what I live for during a wedding day. So when he knew she’d be laughing mad at his first gift I thought it was a great sign of how well they knew each other that he told me to expect it.

You could see their love story and their personalities so much in this wedding and I loved it. Even thought their dog Trigger couldn’t be at the wedding, (to see him, go see their engagement blog!) they hid him in their wedding cake topper which I thought was genius.

The vibes throughout their ceremony were so relaxed, which somehow made it all the more romantic to me. I always hope that couples stay true to themselves on their day. Don’t be talked into traditions that don’t fit who you are, and come up with new ones if you need to!

Personally I think all weddings should end with drinks being passed out to guests before they even head up to cocktail hour. Maybe that’s just a Texas thing. But someone handed me a cold cup of water before we started their portraits, and it came in a cup that changed colors and had their names on it and I thought it was awesome. In fact I still have it and use it.

Now this portrait session wasn’t exactly like others. I got to be surrounded by horses, sheep, and groomsmen that were having a blast with a jug of sangria behind us. Please insert that laughing crying emoji here. Because to me? As long as your group is being funny, appropriate and then stops when necessary? I am happy to go along with any form of craziness that ends up happening.

Scroll down to see the fun I am talking about.

They left us to our romantic portraits and we did a walk around the property before heading back in to the reception.

We danced the night away (yes, we… if you’re new here, I love my job and tend to dance along if there is some good music goin on) and it became clear that the aforementioned jug of sangria was part of some fraternity ritual. Well. Go look. I couldn’t stop laughing. Watching any humans pass around and swig sips of anything is funny, but insert wedding attire and somehow it just adds to the craziness of it all. Okay- actually ALL of their reception photos should be zoomed in on- just so much fun going on one dance floor.

You could tell from the speeches that were given that these two are not only a ton of fun- you could tell that they are crazy for each other. In a real way that makes me so happy. They aren’t fake about how hard dating can be and how good the outcome can be when you put the work in. They even had a special birthday song and cupcake to celebrate their ring bearer.

As I mentioned at the start, this bride and her girlfriends had the best taste in music... so I wasn’t surprised at all when the Wilson Philips song Hold On came on, and they got just as into it as I do, aka on the level of the end scene in Bridesmaids. (If you haven’t seen it, I added the clip. You’re welcome.)

They let me sneak in portraits at random times during the night, which we all know I love. And I love that they had boxes waiting outside the barn at the end of the reception so that as the guests exited they could grab a little something sweet to take home.

Oh, just go enjoy this gorgeous Texas wedding.

Caitlin & Kegan, I wish you the best!



Central Texas Wedding Venue: King River Ranch

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3 thoughts on “Caitlin & Kegan | King River Ranch Wedding

  1. What a fun couple! Love the cowgirl boots on the bride under that srunnnbg dress. King River Ranch was the perfect wedding venue for them. Great photos


  2. I love the first look at this King River Ranch wedding!! The bride and groom are SO Texas & TEXAN, love how fun they are with all their loved ones! Honestly, spring is the best time to have a wedding in Austin, no humidity!!


  3. Good lord, this King River Ranch wedding is spectacular! The butt grab, the first look, the bride’s dress, the sun drenched Texas wedding photography! I love every single bit of this beautiful wedding photography from Elizabeth Birdsong photography. It’s literally perfect.


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