Caitlyn & Aaron | Hermann Park Golden Hour Engagement Session

Centered, polite.. calm. 

If you talked with these two I don’t think there’s a way you would guess how young they are.


Not that I’m old, mind you. I’m keeping my spring chicken status well into my 80’s.


But you know what I mean. It wasn’t like talking to just any young couple-and I wasn’t shocked.

These two were at a wedding I had just shot *(um, ps- totally getting on blogging that one asap- Charidan come watch Connor while I write it!) as guests and I was able to watch what type of crowd they hung around.

It was beautiful. Getting to talk with them at that wedding right before their engagement session let me know the drive over to Houston would be worth it.

Not that I need much of a reason to head over to Houston, either. I have the sweetest couples out there who I am lucky enough to call friends now and I feel like it’s a little staycation when I get to go see them.

When I pulled up to Hermann Park, y’all… oh my word.

I had NO idea it was this HUGE! So here we are calling each other- and Aaron is nice enough to send me a pin of his location.


That’s a perfect solution for me NOW.

But you see- at that point I had never used all that technology on my phone. Ever. Really can’t believe it.

*(Dave was  dropping me off and found it hysterical that I couldn’t figure this out, by the way… so decided to photograph me.. thankfully Woodgrain had just sent me the coolest watch I’ve ever owned, so I feel like it justifies me being technologically disabled.)

@PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography -23

Clearly you already know we found each other– because you’ve probably already scrolled through the photos first ; )  — and I’m so glad we did.

While getting into their session I asked if they had anything with them. I loved that they brought their Bible. Being a Jesus gal myself I tend to push a little further if someone is using something like that in their shoot. I won’t use the Bible as a prop just for a prop. No thanks.

So I asked them if they had a particular passage in mind they’d want to read together while I was shooting, or what they would choose if I were to place the ring near some words and their eyes lit up.
It’s one thing to tell your close friends and family who already know you about your faith being your center… but to tell your crazy photographer after only sharing small conversations? The only way to put it: it was sweet. 


Just raw, sweet, pure emotions as they told me how he used Scripture to propose.

It reminded me a lot of my sister and her hubs, which is a great sign. They’ve been married forever already and they are only 2ish years older than me. (Which as I said is super young. If you take away nothing else, remember I’m super young.)

SO… please enjoy these photos knowing we had a great walk around Hermann Park, a great conversation through the golden hour and sunset where they prayed together, *(which happened to be the spot of one of their first dates! guys- let me know which date it was, lol.. first? second?) and caught the moon in the night shots before we wrapped it up.


Caitlyn and Aaron- keep that pureness going for each other- and truly enjoy the times after any inevitable crazy life mess-ups. You have such a great support system.


Venue: Hermann Park, Houston Texas


5 thoughts on “Caitlyn & Aaron | Hermann Park Golden Hour Engagement Session

  1. Amy, this engagement photography at Hermann Park is such perfect documentation of the foundation for this young couples marriage! May they look at these photos frequently as a reminder throughout their marriage of the love they have for each other and for the Lord!


  2. This Hermann Park engagement session is absolutely adorable. I love how cute and natural everything with the couple came across.


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