Caitlyn & Aaron | Mansion Wedding at Colovista

Just driving up the long pathway towards the Mansion makes you slow everything down a notch.

It brings you somewhere else completely as you ease up on the gas and turn down the radio.

(Or if you’re me, stop the car completely to stand in the middle of the road for a photo.)

But I need to know– is it weird that there are certain places that make me stop and take a deep, yoga-like breath? *(not that I do yoga, but I feel like that’s kinda the vibe they’re going for) 

Colovista was one of those places. 

Maybe I felt like I was back in Georgia on a family vacation?

If I happen to find myself in one of these pause-for-a-moment type spots, I actually close my eyes for that deep breath and try to figure out what is pulling me in. Cause really? It could be anything. There are places I could have sworn were spectacular, then when I revisit to relive the feeling? It’s lost with the mood of a different season.

Maybe it was the Fall leaves hanging on to the trees along the drive while it was perfectly cool outside.

Either way- I was hooked.

So here I am, pulling into the golf club all dreamy eyed- totally ready to hang out with Caitlyn and Aaron again.

One problem I did NOT see coming??

Bees. *(or something that looked exactly like bees… I’m not an expert here.) 

Please remember that I have only been a boy mom for 3 years.. so I haven’t really become accustomed to any of the creepy crawly insects that I know are bound to spring at me via those little boy hands..

So when I parked, and went to open my trunk and BEES started swarming into my trunk?!?

I went into silent panic mode. 

You know exactly what I’m talking about. That fit that washes over your body when you walk through a spider web and no. one. else. can see the spider web.

You’re grunting as quietly as possible- simultaneously flailing about trying to figure out exactly where your nemesis is attacking from.

Thankfully… there was a  boy parent passing by.

Nothing better than looking legit crazy in front of a parent of the groom- right???


 “You need help???”

well, that’s a loaded question I pretty much always need help. but that’s another topic all together.


And just like that- all my gear was out of my trunk and safely out of the range of the blood sucking Tracker-Jackers. *(Hunger games, anyone? No?) Thankfully it was also noted that it was extremely strange that they were ONLY flying into MY trunk. Literally no where else.

Who knows if I would have ever been able to actually shoot this wedding if I was left alone to tackle those buggers… so Caitlyn and Aaron– you might have an extra line in a thank you card to write.

So here I am, fresh out of near-death-trauma, ready to start my day.

By the way, if you think that is a ridiculously long intro to a wedding blog.. welcome. I love new readers! On average, my mind goes about 5,000 miles a minute, so you’re only getting in on a fraction of what happens in my head during a wedding day.

When I walked into the stunning suite that the girls were in, it was so good to see more than one familiar face. Since I had previously shot their engagement, *(yep, click it there) I knew Caitlyn & Aaron already. As luck would have it, I had just shot their friend’s wedding a couple weeks before! *(yep, you can click that too if you want to see their friends).

Being at the Mansion is like getting to stay in a rich Aunt’s house. It’s homey and you feel completely welcome, but you’re also in awe of just how fancy a bathroom can be. Now multiply that wow factor, because… it was decorated for Christmas time. 

The girls were right in the middle of getting all dolled up and I was gushing over how adorable their matching socks were. I was also out of breath, because the grand stairwell is exactly that. Grand. Thankfully everyone just ignored that. The girls were so sweet helping each other get ready, and it was so nice to hear “do you need anything to be moved out of your way?” without me even asking.

Before we knew it, I was bringing the groom downstairs to the entrance to have a last moment alone with his fiancé. They wanted to have a moment, without seeing each other, to talk & pray together before committing the rest of their lives as husband and wife.
In my line of work you don’t always see people taking the marriage thing seriously.

Oh, they’ll take the wedding part seriously. So seriously that they miss out on every real moment that pops up during their actual day. Then wonder why they are miserable after the sparklers and confetti are gone.

These two seemed to want to make a bigger deal of what came after “I do”.

The views for their vows were incredible. I know that part is just a bonus…  but it was the Colorado River, just patiently strolling down below with nothing better to do than be gawked at and selfied with.

I thought that view was great until they let us take a golf cart out to the 18th hole. Or 9th? After the ceremony ended. Since I don’t know the exact spot- you should probably just go play golf at Colovista to figure it out. All I remember is we had our own golf carts, which is a photographers dream on a huge venue with rolling hills at sunset.

Somehow I got them back in time for their reception- I probably would’ve stayed out there all night!

We all danced the night away… after everyone had more than a few crying moments during the speeches, or as the bride’s brother stepped in during her dance with her step father. Not a dry eye until the music got jumping and the dance floor was full.

Their exit reminded me so much of Father of the Bride- when they leave down the stairs from the bride’s childhood home? Anyone? I love that movie so much- so seeing all the guests waving them off as they took their vintage getaway car down the drive was a perfect ending to a beautiful night.

Biggest congrats to Caitlyn & Aaron on their winter wedding!!!




Wedding Venue: Colovista Golf Club  *(Mansion at Colovista)



16 thoughts on “Caitlyn & Aaron | Mansion Wedding at Colovista

  1. What a pretty wedding at Colovista Golf Club! The Mansion at Colovista is super gorgeous and I can see why they picked it. I love your ceremony photos, and the photo of their bridal party laughing is awesome. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE this one! Your wedding photos from The Mansion at Colovista are among some of my faves of yours ever. Those deep tones in the golden hour photos are really breathtaking. Her colors, the fun reception photos…and that cake! Just lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lori! I appreciate the comment about the deep tones- the ones over the golf course with the view of the Colorado river are some of my favorites as far as tones! Not gonna lie, wish I would’ve grabbed one of the tuxedo cake pops that were next to that gorgeous wedding cake!


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