Marisol & Seth | Oak Meadow Ranch Winter Wedding

So I started this little trip with being able to see one of my sisters and her family, which is already a bonus.

Then come to find out that the town I’m staying in is adorable AND a small college town?


That means my bill going out Friday night *(considering I went out alone and had to work the next day- it’s not like I ordered much..) totaled about one drink here in downtown Austin.

I also woke up to realize there was a Starbucks just down the street.
Done deal.

When the kind manager at the hotel called after me before I walked out the door “it’s a little windy out there- you might wanna throw a hat on!” I kinda did a wave and a nod.

:: Side note :: If you haven’t met me- just know you can see my big head of hair coming from a mile away. *(I kinda love big hair.) This lady was so sweet to try to warn me, but like most areas in my life- I had to learn the hard way.

I let the automatic door slide open… I stepped out… and only if you’re following me on my instagram stories will you believe that I looked exactly a troll doll.

oh wait. I saved that video.


so yeah.


It was that windy.

Thankfully I always tie up every. single. hair so it won’t move during weddings anyway- so I was good to go by the time I got to Oak Meadow Ranch.

I think ever since our meeting at Mozart’s Coffee -(was that a year ago??)  Marisol, Seth and I were all pumped to get this wedding going. We sat and chatted and I could completely see their vision for the big day as they walked me through the ideas they had put together.

Let me tell you. They created their dream ten fold.

They made sure to even take care of warm comfy blankets for the guests since it was unexpectedly freezing outside. Or maybe only unexpected on my end?

Gotta tell ya. I’m not the biggest believer of looking up weather for weddings. That may sound crazy to most people, but I actually tend to not look up the venue, the weather, the area…


It’s how the creative side of my mind works.

I get a rush from just showing up, seeing what is thrown at me that day, and using every ounce of it to create something that is unique to each couple. *(and I always have an umbrella and rain gear)

So basically I didn’t have on a warm enough coat.

The venue could not have been sweeter or more accommodating. Kristin came right out, showed me around while she took care of every last minute detail, and then gave me the golf cart and said to go for it!

Um. Yes, please.

I got to jet between the guys and girls to snap the fun of getting ready, and also the sweetness. Marisa & Seth had written each other love letters for before the ceremony and to me that is a perfect way to start your day.

Now about that ceremony. 

Y’all have been hearing about the cat. (Why can’t I insert the cry/laugh cat emoji in here?)

Please just keep an eye out for that little fur ball throughout the entire ceremony.

I’m so thankful for the comic relief, though… because I cried during their communion time.

That time of communion and unity is such a private moment for me to be photographing, and I feel like I really get to see a glimpse of a couple.

I have only cried during a handful of those… and I’m pretty sure two of them were this year.

If you keep scrolling you will see how much joy started when they said “I do!” and it was not simply because the amazing mariachi band started up.

We got to play with horses, *(okay, the horses mostly played with the bridal bouquet..) golf cart over to a vintage truck, have a sunset in an open field… 

And that was all while the mariachi band kept the party going during cocktail hour!

We could hear the music playing which is always preferred in my book. You don’t want me to have to bust out my karaoke during portraits… so hire a loud form of entertainment, please!

I did eventually bring them back to enjoy their evening with friends and family.

There were genuine tears, gut laughs and everything in between for these sweet speeches.

It was so beautiful to see these sisters support for each other show through during the wedding. They have really been there for each other, and the fact that I caught the tear streams on Marisol’s cheeks during the speeches was an honor.

They had two live music performances from the wedding party, but these two were nothing but raw talent. No one even wanted to move around... which is very rare during any part of a reception.

Surviving the shoe game is impressive– you hope to answer questions correctly about your spouse without being able to check with your spouse it can get dangerous… and these two did it with ease.

We used body warmth and piled every last guest onto the deck for a photo- and then literally danced all night. *(myself included, of course)

I hope you love their night shots! I had the wonderful help throughout the portraits of Justus Martin, the best man and also a photographer- who helped with my MagMod gear and lights so we didn’t waste any time.

I’m thankful for how these families welcomed me in… and I cannot even wait to shoot at this venue again! Praying it happens soon.

I could’ve gone on for days- but today is Christmas *(when I’m writing this!) and I wanted them to be able to have this!




11 thoughts on “Marisol & Seth | Oak Meadow Ranch Winter Wedding

  1. Wow. That is all I can say, you totally SLAYED this Oak Meadow Ranch wedding, wind and all! Everything about this wedding seems like a dream come true, a beautiful couple deeply in love, and such a beautiful venue!


  2. What a Beautiful Oak Meadow Ranch Winter Wedding. The couple is adorable and I love the pics with the horses. It looks like they had such an awesome wedding day!


  3. These photos are drop-dead gorgeous! Oak Meadow Ranch suits their rustic style perfectly. The wooden details, the rich colors in the flowers, it all comes together so beautifully. Winter weddings are among my favorite.


  4. OMG – you can’t get more Texas than Mariachi & horses at your wedding. This Oak Meadow Ranch wedding is beyond romantic- I love the winter, rustic chic, small town vibe of the whole wedding! Your night shots! Love Magmods! 🙂


  5. Ah!!! I love Elizabeth Birdsong’s (aka Amy) Texas wedding photography! Winter wedding shots just feel like an added bonus. Love the gorgeous night portraits and the warm reception photos Beautiful back lighting of that first dance! I love these. Beautiful work as always!


  6. Beautiful wedding photography by Photographer Amy at Oak Meadow Ranch. I love all the rustic winter wedding details and energetic wedding party captured by Amy. Also love the cameo appearance by the black cat during the ceremony.


  7. Such a gorgeous winter wedding at oak meadow ranch. The warm rich tones are beautiful. The pictures with the horses are my personal favorite. Those night pictures are stunning.


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