Charidan & Tanner | Twin Sisters Dance Hall Wedding

It all made total sense.


The location of the ceremony, the location of the reception, the attitude of the wedding party and family and guests.
The girls in the wedding party gathered around the bride alongside her mom and said prayers for Charidan before her walk down the aisle.


Not just “Our Father who art in Heaven” prayers.. but personal, real, make me want to put down my camera and be a part of it, prayers.

Of course we all know I don’t ever set down my camera, but you feel me.


This group was bursting with beauty from the inside out and that makes a huge difference in my work day. (ok, we also know by now that I don’t ever feel like I’m working during a wedding, but let’s roll with it.) The bride’s bouquet stems were held in a stunning leather wrap with her new initial on it that was something I had never seen.

For a catholic ceremony- I typically mentally prep to not move for a very, very long time. It’s not only typically not allowed, but very highly frowned upon.

Thankfully (as you can tell when you scroll down) I was able to maneuver around the church to capture the full life of the ceremony. I actually paid attention to the sermon- which usually I miss out on a lot since I am literally focused on focusing.  I paid attention to this priest mostly because he started using analogies with his hands- and I am an extremely visual person. (…shocking I know.)

He was illustrating how our families are important, and we can stay connected to them or drift apart, but our spouse is who we are locked in with for life. It’s who we are covenanted to and vow to stay with forever.

After these two got locked in for a lifetime by saying I do, sharing rings, a kiss and a spectacular bubble exit… we laugh now because I might have been asked how long the family photos would take, and I set a timed challenge for myself.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding I am shooting you know that as long as everyone is there- I pride myself on the fact that your family pictures are done before you know it.

So I said my quote: I’ll be done and out of the church in 15 MINUTES. Let’s do this! 

I set my timer.

We wrapped up both sides of family portraits in just under the fifteen minute mark and I don’t think I have ever been so proud! We all had to drive to get to Twin Sisters, and it always helps to make sure no one is rushing. 

There was so much history for the bride at this Texas dance hall.

My favorite part of her venue choice was that her parents had been dancing their while she was growing up, and I love that it seemed to unlock all the fun childhood memories as we walked around the property for portraits.

To me- that’s what it’s all about.

Connection to something that feels like home. People, places, scents and tastes can bring you to a different time. And speaking of taste— back inside their reception there were shelves full of “Meme’s Original Hot Fudge Sauce” that everyone encouraged me to take home.

Like I would need my arm twisted.

*(I have two jars now, to be clear.)

As I snuck them out for a dance in the golden hour, hearing Tanner explain that Charidan drives along that road and those sunsets always makes her happy and calm was music to my ears.. and watching them have so much fun together while I snapped a few photos? Even better.

But y’all–

This bride chose “No Woman No Cry” for her father/daughter dance during the reception… and it was even cuter that her parents not only loved Jamaica, but her dad used to say that to her during rough times growing up.


By the time this wedding was wrapping up- I wasn’t ready to end the night. Thankfully they decided to have a drinking contest with a few cans and a few old friends right outside the doors– it was a perfect way to laugh as we said our goodbyes!


Okay- I’m not really allowing these guys to say goodbye completely… I saw them a few weeks later for their friend’s wedding and hope to see them again very soon!


All the best to you, Charidan & Tanner!

@PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Twin Sisters Dance Hall Wedding Photos-2




Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Thomas Catholic Church- Canyon Lake

Wedding Reception Venue: Twin Sisters Dance Hall 

Custom Bridal Bouquet Leather Holder: Slayton Hatley

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal 

Catering: Old 300 BBQ 

Live Music: John Reeves & The Brew


11 thoughts on “Charidan & Tanner | Twin Sisters Dance Hall Wedding

  1. I’m ridiculously jealous of your all Austin wedding photography, and Twin Sisters Dance Hall was a perfect place for your rustic, yet elegant Texas wedding photography. That night portrait silhouette is really special. Beautiful work as always!

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  2. Love this Twin Sisters Dance Hall wedding by Austin photographer Elizabeth Birdsong Photography. The couple looked awesome and you can really tell they had so much fun. And it is always great when a bride changes into a different dress for the reception. really helps with those dance moves!

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