Natalie Havens | Opera Singer on the Brooklyn Bridge


You would have never known that while we were walking up to the Brooklyn Bridge we were both bundled up thanks to typical December weather in New York. 

*(but of course I needed to tell you.)

I wish I could say the idea of Natalie on the famous Bridge was my idea- but I am happy to say this was all her!!

She is such a good soul. Balanced and beautiful.

Hard to find genuinely good people now a days- but she’s one of them. She had zero complaints even when I may or may not have gotten off the metro a stop early, then got turned around heading from the city back to Brooklyn.

*(we all know me by now, right? we know that I did indeed get completely discombobulated on my journey.) 

I’d say it was worth every minute we put into it!

We spun around in bicycle and pedestrian traffic *(the Brooklyn Bridge is never short of people, workout enthusiasts, and of course, tourists.) and even managed to fit in wardrobe changes within our timeframe.

All I require of people I shoot is to have fun. Let go a little and let’s trap your personality in a few photos for you to keep. This also happened to be the night before Natalie’s birthday so we might’ve had a little extra fun.

I hope this encourages everyone to get out there and enjoy every minute!

Here’s Natalie Havens:

8 thoughts on “Natalie Havens | Opera Singer on the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. What gorgeous photos of Natalie Havens, and how cool to have an Opera Singer on the Brooklyn Bridge. I LOVE the idea of using night portraits to feature a performer. The lights, the romance and the drama are perfect. She can use these images for such a great variety of things. Love, love, LOVE Elizabeth Birdsong Photography.


  2. These are stunning pictures of Natalie Havens. Anyone would be lucky to have such beautiful portraits, and her opera friends will appreciate your creativity. I love how you incorporated the shimmer of her sequins with the Brooklyn Bridge at night. I hope she hangs at least one of these, huge on her wall, to show off.


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