Nothing Basic About it… INVITES HAPPEN.

How are you supposed to let people know you’re tying the knot??

I mean, let’s face it.

You’ve probably been alive at least 18 years by now (usually double and triple that if you’re reading this and trying to TAKE IN advice for your wedding), and chances are a few people have come to like you over those years.

Or they like your parents.

There are reasons that couples end up handing over the reins after trying to plan a wedding on their own.

Okay, sometimes they throw them.

Sliding that ring on your finger, no matter if it’s princess cut, no matter the clarity… seems to unlock this explosive portal to that world you never realized was waiting to bombard you.

Yep. You’re “saying yes” to putting yourself in a catapult.

I dove into this world of weddings almost 15 years ago, guys. I dove in because it just made sense in my head. My crazy giant hair covered head.

The timeline scheduling makes sense to me- the accessory selection process makes sense— and the necessary vendor list makes sense. It just seems to click in my brain and it continually needs to be put to good use.

So when I see something that could help take some of the weight from a couple during the insanity of planning- I’m going to throw it back into the wedding world with full force and just pray someone takes note.

Today it happens to be invitations.

Do you even need them? How many people do you invite? Do you go with email response or real stamped go-to-the-mailbox mail??? 

Have you already tried to narrow down your friends and family down to a magical number that you can somehow afford to feed and entertain??

It’s absurd.@PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Braid tutorials how to use a Curling Wand Updo Class-3049

You’re trying to remember when the last time you talked to those distant cousins that your parents are saying simply HAVE to be there.

My answer to that? Tell them to have their own party. *(but I promise, I say it much much nicer than that, but that’s another blog in itself… dealing with parents during wedding planning).

Once you are close to the number of people you’re inviting- you also have to INVITE them.

Yeah. You might be thinking:

“yes, Amy– great observation… you invite people you are inviting.”

But lo and behold- invitations are one more thing you have to sit down and multiply the count by that magical number of people, see the cost, then add the extra special amount of postage.

So I found something worth sharing.

An invitation website that has so much more to offer.


You could start with the front page of the Save the Date options and easily see ideas like the magnets or post cards… and how to find which style fits you.

Having a black tie event? They have luxury wedding invites just for you.

You could scroll over the “WEDDING” tab and realize that direction cards are a thinga real important thing, mind you- to use as an insert.

Countless weddings I have photographed have started late because guests are still figuring out where to park. *(or even worse, calling the couple on the wedding day to get the address)

There is even an option to create your wedding website directly from the front page.

best free wedding websites

Okay– down to what I really loved.

Most customize-your-own invitation websites are very limited on colors. And shades of those colors. Basic Invite is anything but… well… basic. During my personal planning I went around everywhere looking (online and in stores) for a purple to match the shade that Dave had already picked out for the vests. That color became the shade I picked for everything else… from the bouquets to the sash on my dress.

You know what I didn’t find? Invites to have our color. It was usually one choice of purple. And while you’re planning your wedding- you just want things to GO TOGETHER!

*(if you’re planning your wedding right now you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

You want all those details to blend together with some type of feel or theme so you don’t get derailed and start insanely throwing paper in the printer and typing “JUST COME TO OUR WEDDING ALREADY.” And hitting ‘print amount: 215.

So take a deep breath with me.


I never realized there were things like address collecting options now. You just share a link and keep the addresses stored- and get free envelope printing. *(my former self… of five years ago… is crying inside of how much easier this is now).

Since I felt a little left out of the invite scene right now- I ordered party save the dates for our backyard. Yep. Dave built a huge deck with a pergola and I really wanted a reason to use the super cute designs… so I did! 

@PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Save the Date Blog Basic Invite-

And I might continue coming up with events to invite people to… because I just noticed a whole section of clear invites that I didn’t see before. Get ready for random invites in the mail from me to follow my social media pages.

Can that be a trend?

Snail mail to remind you to go like my Instagram posts??

I’m going to start doing that. Feel free to email me your address if you want to be on my I’m-excited-to-mail-things-again mailing list!

My email:

Always feel free to comment to tell me what you guys want advice on next! I love hearing from everyone

and my HAIR tutorials are going to be popping up soon– so get ready.


Until next rant!

@PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Braid tutorials how to use a Curling Wand Updo Class-2591

-Amy Elizabeth

*(that’s how I feel giving away great wedding advice, by the way… and this is just the first part to helping you with that invite list!) Be sure you’re subscribed and following.



8 thoughts on “Nothing Basic About it… INVITES HAPPEN.

  1. What a time saver. Really wish there had been better wedding invitation designs when I got married! Basic invite looks like way to go for wedding stationary.


  2. Wow!! How great that is to have beautiful wedding invitations made so easy for the Bride!! I hope all future brides check it out before they get overwhelmed with there list! It will make it easy!! Thanks!!


  3. This is such a great way to make doing wedding invitations so much easier!! This should be a post all engaged couples should check out!


  4. Basic Invite looks like an great resource for couples who want more than just pretty invitations! I had no idea a printing company could be so streamlined and provide real solutions for couples getting married.


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