Rachel & Bryan | Blissful Hill Ceremony on the River

Y’all know I like hanging around good people.

I want to talk about good people.

I want to keep every ounce of good there is in the world going around.

And this wedding couldn’t have been held at a more fitting venue for all this do-gooding.

The venue is called: Blissful Hill.

Not surprising that these two packed out the place, which is a huge feat to begin with, seeing as the venue can hold an immense amount of people. I met them in downtown Georgetown for their engagement session, and loved getting to see them interact with each other.

Once I walked into the bridal suite on the wedding day, I was also not surprised to see Rachel holding a baby while her hair was in curlers. She was the most relaxed bride, just enjoying everyone else getting ready around her. A relaxed bride is my favorite kind of bride. Her girls had told me that they were scheming to surprise her with a photo album and I am so glad they told me so I could make sure to be in there when it happened.

That’s an important note: I am everywhere on a wedding day. Back and forth between bride and groo,m while also making sure to grab detail shots as things are getting prepped in the reception or ceremony area. In this case it was watching Tricia create the most romantic florals and greenery around the venue. Make sure that if there is something out of the ordinary happening- you let your photographer in on it! 

The groom’s room is typically more relaxed than the girls for any wedding. Because, let’s face it… what do they really have to do? People (okay, usually me) even put on their boutonnieres for them before the ceremony. Sorry guys… but you have it too easy. And, Blissful Hill has a guys suite that makes it even more obvious that they have time to kill. There’s a TV and ping pong table set up and ready to go for their convenience. But I’ll give the guys a break – especially since this was a good group of ’em.

Y’all know how much I love seeing something new at weddings. So when Rachel said she was having a first look with all the important men in her life, I was all smiles. What a sweet sweet moment to see, and of course her Grandfather’s reaction might be one of my favorites.  There are so many ways to include your family, guys. You can make them feel important without having to change your entire day around and it’s so nice to see how couples think outside the box to make that happen.

The girls popped some champagne and enjoyed a toast together before walking down the aisle, and that aisle was about as perfect as their spot on the river. They had hanging lanterns down the aisle,  and the hill and water view that was breathtaking. Then a vintage car rolled in to bring the bride down to the ceremony. Their nephew walked down the aisle with the cutest custom sign before Rachel made her way down the aisle with her brother.

Next side note to those of you out there planning: you can have anyone walk you down the aisle. You can split the aisle. You can have someone do a reading. The options are only limited by the time you have. (In other words you probably can’t have everyone in your family do a reading just to make them feel important, but you can make sure their row in specially marked and special group photos are taken).

With twinkle lights above their ceremony adding ambience even though it was completely light outside, they said I do under the romantic hollow wood chapel and then we celebrated even more. We probably had too much fun with the wedding party before taking our walk out on the dock over the water, and I’m okay with that.

By the time we got Rachel & Bryan back to their cocktail hour, there was still a beautiful arrangement of hors d’oevres out (aka the catering was on point keeping things looking good) to snack on before they made their big entrance down the grand staircase. And let me just tell you how hard it was for me to concentrate on taking photos of any part of their reception while their was a giant wall of donuts hovering in my periph the whole time.

But I stand by my instagram post that I did not randomly bite one donut and put it back… but Lord have mercy, someone did! Might have been the most entertaining thing to notice about a dessert setup and I hope it stays that way for all time.

I snagged them for a quick photo as the sky changed, as I love to do, then sat back and enjoyed hearing the heart felt and funny speeches about the journey that ultimately led to them being them. Speaking of the journey, no two families are alike which is why I say you don’t have to schedule your wedding exactly like everyone else does when it comes to your big night. Rachel has what I lovingly refer to as a team of parents. And when she asked both of the men to dance, both her biological father and also the man that is a dad to her by choicemy eyes might have leaked a little. She gave them each a memory to keep forever.

Now go scroll down to that packed dance floor. They did the anniversary dance and I had to head to the staircase to be able to see everyone on the floor. It was then that I noticed that the groom’s  room (remember: tv & ping pong?) doubles as a perfect room for the kids if they need a break. Can all venues incorporate that space into the floor plan now? Thanks.

I managed to sneak them out for a night shot under those twinkle lights before they danced the rest of the night away with their friends and family. (And me, of course. You should know by now that I can’t stop the feeling once the beat kicks in). Only a few couples have chosen to do a last dance together, just the two of them, in the privacy of their reception hall once all the guests have headed out to do the sparkler exit. It’s a nice way to let things really sink in after the whirlwind day that is a wedding. 

Oh, and remember that vintage car the bride rolled up in to the ceremony? Yep. That was waiting for them as they ran down the stairs and through the sparklers. I’d say that’s a great way to end the night!

If you’ve been following along with my blogs, thank you! Also- you can now enjoy the crazy in even more places. I keep the content different on each social media source to keep the advice flowing everywhere for those of you planning.

Facebook, Instagram and now Youtube. The youtube channel is all sorts of hair advice, how to talk to your hairdresser, and of course, cameos by Dave and Connor at random.

Have an amazing week, guys!


Austin Wedding Venue: Blissful Hill, Spicewood, Texas.

Florals: Tricia Won at Romantic Florals 

Hair & Makeup: Spruce Salon.


Second Shooter/ Photographer Extraordinaire: Alexandra White 

Bridal gown: Belle Saison Bridal 

12 thoughts on “Rachel & Bryan | Blissful Hill Ceremony on the River

  1. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography has some of the most beautiful weddings and this Blissful hill Wedding is no exception. I just love all the details and how they were so beautifully captured. Such a great wedidng venue on the Pedernales River and looks like everyone had a blast!!

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  2. Ah….I love these Blissful Hill wedding photos! They are so joyous, so full of life, so many smiles. I love the bridal portraits, and can we talk about those romantic night shots?!?!? This is why you hire Elizabeth Birdsong Photography for your wedding!

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  3. I love love love hill country weddings just outside of Austin, the Blissful Hill looks like the perfect venue for a good mix of Texas country meets Texas city life. The bride and groom are gorgeous together!! Love your photography!

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