Brittney & Chris | Sunset Wedding in Florida

Nothing better than being able to literally hang out with friends all day…

…for work.

Some of you might have been fortunate enough to become friends with the people at your work place, but believe me – I know how rare it is.

This wedding was so special and brought back so many memories of where I met my own husband in South Florida… because this is the group of friends that was around while it happened. They decided to get married on their ten year anniversary and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

My bestie Chelsea even got to do the hair for the bridal party, which also meant she probably had to start a bit earlier than she would’ve usually needed to for a wedding. But if you’ve been a couple of mine- you know I plan that cushion time like a crazy person.

In this case it turned out wonderful that we were all ready, because there was an accident right before the wedding that resulted in a hospital trip, a wheelchair and a sling. *(thankfully she made it back right in time for the wedding exit) 

Other than that scare, their wedding day went by so smoothly and we were able to get this amazing couple hitched without anymore …hitches. *you’re welcome for that pun.

Even the flower girl did the most epic job of flower distribution ever. (go scroll down for that)

And now please scroll back down to admire that sunset.

How happy do y’all thing I was that Brittney told me she thought of me while choosing that long stunning veil!?!?! :: insert crying emoji here, please :: as in, she didn’t wear it for the ceremony but we were able to use it for portraits! That’s the dream, people. That’s the dream.

We definitely danced the night away  (thanks, Kendall!) and it truly made me feel right back at home *(don’t worry, I remembered to take photos – there’s proof I was working!). But getting to watch everyone cheer on Chris and Brittney getting married was what made this a perfect Florida trip.

Okay. And what’s cuter to cut your cake with than a slicer that reads:


And is it ever…

After these two ran through their sparklers to their vintage getaway car in adorable fashion, they really did live their happily ever after. 

They are due with their baby boy this April!!! Can’t even wait to see how fun they are as parents.

Sending my love to you both.


*This blog is dedicated to the groom’s father, Sam Rich, who unfortunately passed shortly after getting to attend their wedding. I’m so honored to have met you, Sam. Thank you for raising a wonderful kid and for loving Brittney as your own. You could see it the entire day. 

Hair: Chelsea Mendez 

Photos: @PhotographerAmy  *(hey that’s me!)

DJ: Kendall Courtney DJ Marvelous Kendall


5 thoughts on “Brittney & Chris | Sunset Wedding in Florida

  1. Oh wow these are stunning!! I bet this couple is absolutely thrilled with the photographs from their sunset wedding in Florida. I love all the pictures with the beautiful skies behind them! Great work!


  2. What a fun Florida Wedding! I love when couples renew their vows because the nerves are over and everything is just relaxed. You can see it in the photos. The couple are just having a blast! The photographs are just wonderful. I particularly love the one of the flower girl dumping her basket lol! Great job!


  3. Ah…Florida wedding photos at sunset! What could be better! The lighting is gorgeous, the candids are joyous and your posing is exquisite! I don’t care where couples are getting married…fly photographer Amy Santos from Elizabeth Birdsong to any destination. She always nails it.


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