Lauren & Tim | Downtown Austin Engagement Session

To say that the three of us had a great time during this session would be an understatement.


My car ended up dead at the end of this and it was still one of the most fun sessions I’ve had in a while!

If you’re not following along on Instagram, (or you’re newer to all the craziness that goes along with me as a human), you might have missed their San Antonio Christmas time proposal… and the fact that I was wearing a dark brown wig for a few hours to make sure I wasn’t spotted.

We already knew we’d have a blast. I met these two while shooting a rooftop wedding over in Houston with pretty much the best group of people ever (who are now stuck with me forever, #sorrynotsorry?).

Thankfully we got a few shots in at Fareground at One Eleven  before being asked to not shoot there and we headed out the trails around Ladybird Lake. Now please don’t picture me looking like a cool trendy Austinite while shooting these portraits. By the time we headed out from under the South Congress Bridge and back up the stone steps? I was beyond winded, sweaty and totally accepted their help to carry one of my bags. Cute mental image, right?  I know.

We walked all the way to The Driskill Hotel and if you don’t already know why I choose to sit there while I edit during the week, well… just scroll down. We hardly needed to spend any time in there to get some amazing shots before catching an Uber out to Butler Park as the sun was setting. The Driskill is just that good.

Y’all know I love my night shots… and ending at the Long Center had been in my head for a while. When we walked up and saw someone doing a time-lapse of the skyline right when we needed to grab that shot? I was beyond thankful that she didn’t care at all if we stepped in the center of her frame to get what we needed.

Clearly we were having so much fun that we were gone long enough for my car battery to die over on Congress. With no parking spots directly next to me- these two drove right over the curbed sidewalk to give me a jump start!

Even though they had a long drive back over to Houston– they not only saved my car- they went and enjoyed some food with me downtown at Upstairs at Caroline Restaurant to wrap up our Saint Patty’s evening.

I can’t even wait for their wedding next month… 

Tim & Lauren, I’ll see you then. Let’s do this! 



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