Courtney & Eric | Deep in the Heart of Texas

How many of you guys are in long distance relationships? I already know quite a few of my couples have gone that route at some point, and come out stronger for it.

It’s hard, challenging and people are going to tell you every opinion under the sun about why you shouldn’t do it.

But you know what? I’m going to give y’all one more opinion.

From what I have seen… it’s worth it.

Here’s just one more success story to show that really there are zero recipes to finding and keeping love. You choose it every day and fight to keep it.

So let’s dive in.

I’ll share there engagement session first, so you can see my first chance to meet these two and their adorable rescue pup.

When I pulled up to Red Corral Ranch, I walked in to find some of the cutest details sitting out already. They had both of their badges out which is something I absolutely wanted to capture for them. They both work so hard for our country and I am extremely proud that we could add that big factor of their life into their wedding day.

Now, the weather wasn’t being as cute… but I had a feeling we’d be just fine.

And then I saw her dress.

Since weather was trying to act crazy on us, the first look moved inside. Thankfully, I know it didn’t matter where they saw each other for the first time. It would have been just as adorably happy anywhere inside or outside this property.

When the rain would let up, we would head right outside to let them spend a little time together before the ceremony.

I honestly think growing up in South Florida made me immune to caring about the weather being completely unpredictable. And immune to working in the rain or heat, too. That being said, we moved the father daughter first look inside to be sure no one ended up with a head full of raindrops.

I’d say it worked out perfectly. (( cue the heart eyes seeing the background, too! ))

Anytime there is rain on a wedding day, there is something inside my stubborn heart that wants to make everything else more perfect. Which usually means pushing to have the outdoor ceremony work if at all possible.

I do realize this usually makes planners annoyed, considering it works best for them to go forward with the 100% safe plan. That way the decor is perfect and no one gets rained on. It’s perfectly understandable.

My issue is that they want to make that call almost an hour before the ceremony, when sometimes life calls for a little more last minute planning to make a dream come true.

When I feel like there just might be enough time for a ceremony between the bad weather? I will recruit able bodied guests with the most sensible shoes to move chairs right back outside for a ceremony. As I’m typing I hear wedding planners groaning. Trust me, I get it. If it’s actually raining about twenty minutes before start time, I will sit back and let Plan B happen without a word.

All rain talk aside, look at this pup!!! Official (well deserved) title: Dog of Honor.

Now I’m going to step back for a while and let you feel the mood through their ceremony. Their vows to each other were completely sweet and heart felt, and the back drop could not be more perfect. Could you even tell it had been raining?

Now you get to enjoy their wedding party flare as much as I did!

I’m sure any other photographer could’ve summed it up with these two moments:

Now, to the sun peeking through the trees just right to add a bit more romance to this already perfect day.

Now let’s get you to their reception so you can see the rest of their night… You won’t want to miss their golden hour set.

How perfect are these details on the bathroom doors for a down-home country wedding? And also these favors by Miss Shelley’s Jams & Jellies were such a hit- Peach Lavender Jam in the cutest take home jars looked so good with the place settings.

Their first dance went a little something like this…

Now, let me remind you about all the long distance these to had to do. My advice? When you are with your person- take care of serious issues that have popped up, yes… that’s part of life… but make it a point to have as much fun as possible while you’re together to forget about every other worry in life.

Exhibit A 😉

Just enough serious, with all the fun of being near each other all wrapped into one amazing day. And you saw the one with the moon, right? I was so excited, as I’m sure you guys can imagine, about getting to see the moon so vividly while golden hour was still happening. (scroll back up a little if you missed it!)

Now without further ado, here is the rest of their night! Filled with amazing cupcakes, tear & laugh filled speeches, line dancing, a bonfire, and dancing in the middle of sparklers outside the barn.

I wish the absolute best for these two love birds!

And for any others that are going through a long distance scenario in your relationship, please feel free to comment or get in touch, you never want to feel like you’re alone in the hard times. I have plenty of couples to reach out to for questions that I may not know the answer to… but sometimes just a listening ear can help sort a few things out.

Congrats Courtney & Eric!

Engagement Venue: McKinney Falls State Park

Wedding Venue: Red Corral Ranch

Wedding Favors: Miss Shelley’s Southern Jams

Photography: You can contact me through commenting, or send an inquiry through my full website here: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

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