Jordan & Nick | The Hidden Heaven

When I met for coffee at Mozart’s with Jordan and her sister, it felt like a great match. Then when I saw the venue, looking like images of a WWI Normandy Farmhouse, everything lit up inside, and my photographer juices were flowing. Thankfully, I did not have to wait long for the big day to get there! The venue‘s vintage and summery cottage feel was just so fitting for her quiet, sweet and fun personality. The style of the gown, the colors and feel of the flowers all just blended together with the little unique antique details of the venue. It was such a family affair and I felt a part of it right away. Before the ceremony, as Nick was opening his groom’s gift of a pocket watch and the cakes were being delivered, the family was enjoying time together in the cabin-like living room. Across the cobblestone courtyard, up in the bridal tower, as I deemed it, Jordan was prepping and being reassured that she would make it down the spiral stone staircase in one piece. The harp started to fill that courtyard as Jordan’s father proudly walked her down to see Nick for the first time. You could see her taking one deep breath at a time and holding back a tear, and you could see Nick’s smile from anywhere. The music set the mood, it was as if we were all watching their love story unfold. Candles were lit, vows were said and the tears were inevitable. They were married. It was beautiful. What’s hard to describe are the views from the top of this place. Each backdrop was it’s own set for me, and I was loving it. The whole night was filled with great food, family, and of course- cake. Two beautiful cakes to be exact. Nick and Jordan were able to prop their feet up for a minute and enjoy looking out over their guests enjoying the evening from the rooftop. After dancing to a few more songs and tossing the bouquet, they exited to bubbles and then stuck around to enjoy some bubbly!

3 thoughts on “Jordan & Nick | The Hidden Heaven

  1. Holy cow!! This wedding is seriously magical! Just thinking about a harp song playing through a wedding ceremony gives me the chills! That dress shot is fabulous and I love the intimate feel of the courtyard celebration. HOLY COW THOS COUPLE PORTRAITS. What a dream!!

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