The Wealth in the Wedding Industry

Things aren’t always this precious. Not every moment of every wedding is full of laughter and light. The work that is cut out for me every weekend? Find it. I meet with brides (and yes. sometimes grooms come too) on a weekly basis to go over details of their weddings. They are filled with hope as they have Pinned out every dream shot that they want on their wedding day. “As long as you know that those photos do not represent *your* wedding” I remind them. —insert stares during a long pause— Ok. I know I can be brutally honest. It’s a blessing and a curse. I have promised myself that I will not lie my way through the wedding industry and have stuck by that promise. I have built a company on that brutal honesty, and I have no intention of changing my ways.

Yes, a photo of a dad walking his baby girl down the aisle- glancing over with a grin as she stares down the aisle at her groom, is truly heart warming. The first dance with your father if you are lucky enough to have him there and willing is a beautiful moment to capture! But what if you are walking down cobblestone or a slippery plastic aisle runner and your dad is a little worried about tripping? What if your dad is not as outwardly moved by the song and the dance as you hoped? You might not get that photo. The photo of the first time a groom sees his bride coming down the aisle and wells up with tears, having to bring his hand to his face in a moment of being overwhelmed with her beauty? That is a gem of a photo. But what if your groom is starting to sweat as EVERY single one of your family members and closest friends are waiting for him to have that reaction? He might cope with all the pressure by releasing a slightly timid smile, or even a solemn face to show how serious he is taking this whole marriage thing (as he can feel your grams looking at him, cautiously making sure he’s good enough for you). Will that affect your day? Hopefully, Lord willing, it won’t.
At the end of the day: YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! You found “the one who your soul loves”! That is the entire goal of a wedding, right? My goal? To capture CANDID moments and then (in the allotted time) set up portraits in your venue that you might not have been able to see the artistry in. Allow your wedding photographer to be the only fly wanted on the wall of your wedding.
Pinterest has been an amazing help, and an incredible hinderance for wedding planning. For every negative of Pinterest I could list, there is a positive to go alongside. Some brides aren’t able to see a vision for their day. They have not been planning since they were 9 with toilet paper hanging off a headband singing the Bridal March. They need to be able to type in a couple words on Pinterest and hesitantly scroll through others tried and true methods for unveiling a wedding day they can get on board with. Every bride is focused on different visions. You might end up spending way over your budget on that adorable hand crafted tutu for your flower girl, then be devastated when she beelines for the other side of the sanctuary and chucks her bucket of flowers over your parent’s friend’s head. Might seem funny to some, but that could make a few brides mortified and tear up on the spot. My job? To be sure we create a special photo with you and that flower girl alone in a beautiful spot, tucked away from prying cell phone cameras (don’t get me started), so that you have a moment to keep for a lifetime. Of course, I’ll have that photo of her running a muck in the sanctuary as well- for the moment you finally realize it’s hysterical. You can’t imagine what your wedding day will be like, and you shouldn’t have to see it before it happens. I, on the other hand, might be able to predict a few areas that will *not* be going exactly according to your Pinterest boards. Allow your wedding professionals to be just that. The professionals. We are hired to make your day better. If your baker says that there is no way the size of cake you want to feed 142 people could ever feed 142 people? Go bigger or bring along the Little Debbie Snacks. Do your research before your wedding day to see if you have chosen the right people to handle the *first* biggest day of your life! Go read reviews, ask friends, listen to who NOT to hire. Bad experiences are NOT worth saving a couple hundred dollars. WHAT?? If it’s a couple hundred isn’t ANYTHING worth saving that?? No. If you are on a tight budget, remember that. Write it on your hands before you ever sign online. Focus on your love and becoming one person and let go of everything else completely. Do not completely lose sight of your budget, unless someone steps in and offers to help. Create a priority list for every area of the day. Your cake, flowers, venue, photographer, videographer, stylists, caterer, accessories etc.. and give the correct percentage of your budget to each accordingly. Are you a whiz in the kitchen and your food is THE most important? Then do the most research on caterers in your city and find one you can afford and trust to do the job.
I could go on for days, but instead I am calling this part ONE in sharing the wealth of weddings. You’re welcome, and let’s keep our own reality in mind every body!!
**Disclaimer: The following photos are REAL moments. Unplanned, unscripted. Don’t stress. Your wedding photos will have their very own drum to beat to.

4 thoughts on “The Wealth in the Wedding Industry

  1. Amy Elizabeth Photography has a wonderful way of capturing all the very special moments of your wedding day that you could ever dream of …. And then some!! She is any brides dream photographer!! She captures real moments that you will treasure forever!!!


  2. Amy, this is a fantastic blog post and such an important topic. I love the way you’ve taken on this subject in a fun yet serious way.
    All too often couples envision their wedding to go one way and it goes another. It’s so important to hire vendors who bring their own expertise into your big day and can tell you, based on their experiences, what will and likely won’t work.
    Great job and the photos you chose to illustrate your candid style here are awesome. 🙂


  3. I love this post so much I read it twice. A wedding is going to be as unique as the couple getting married, and that is the most beautiful thing about each wedding! Yes, everyone wants the emotional moments caught by their wedding photographer, but those moments are as individual to reach wedding as the people attending.


  4. Such a great tips here for any bride or groom planning a wedding. This is why you hire a professional wedding photographer like Birdsong Weddings, for honesty in how to achieve beautiful images that are a true reflection of your day. Amy Elizabeth Birdsong captures weddings with candid and stunningly beautiful photojournalism.


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