Courtney & Mike | Vineyards to the Capitol

This springtime engagement session was a dream come true for me. I love visiting vineyards on vacations abroad and around the state, but had yet to shoot in one! When they said getting photos in a vineyard would be great since he proposed in a vineyard (awww!) my heart leapt. I knew from eating at the Salt Lick in Driftwood (their BBQ is  WAY too delicious) that they also had a vineyard, and gosh was it pretty!! I called ahead to be sure we could set up a time to shoot their engagement session. The entire Salt Lick property in Driftwood is an experience. It’s worth a drive from wherever you are around Texas. You can BYOB and listen to live music while you wait for your Barbecue, so.. you’re welcome. It had been overcast and full on thunderstorms for a while here in Austin, and since they were driving from Houston we all decided we would go for it! Because 1) I can shoot in the rain 2) um, we were going to be at Salt Lick, we could eat BBQ and drink wine if the weather got that bad 3) these two are just all around awesome.  We didn’t see a drop of rain at the vineyards and ended up grabbing some wine after we wrapped up there. Since these two are getting married in a city setting in Houston, we wanted to get a city feel as well so headed downtown and took on Congress street. The front of the Paramount Theatre brought a classic romantic feel and as we walked and headed down a couple more streets certainly brought up the grit to the portraits  which was a perfect contrast. And to top everything, we got rain at the perfect time! We wanted to get a city street shot and they were totally down to go out in the rain to get it. I got my gear covered and we ran into the street to get the shot in front of the Capitol building. And under all that pressure, they rocked it! We were walking toward the Driskill when I saw the city clock.. that I’m pretty sure I have constantly walked by and not noticed for years. There was a construction sign blocking my angle, as is typical in the ever growing Austin area, but this groom-to-be stepped right up. “Oh, this giant road block sign is in the way?” ((Insert you envisioning him picking the entire thing up and moving it, and dusting off his hands like nothing happened)) “There.” Ha! Well ok, let’s get this last shot! We wrapped up and made it to my favorite little (not so little) hideaway downtown, the Driskill Hotel. After enjoying a drink and conversation, we said our farewells since they had a long drive to Houston to get to. I can’t wait to meet them over there for their wedding! All the best, Courtney and Mike. Ya’ll are great. I’ll be seeing you again soon.

8 thoughts on “Courtney & Mike | Vineyards to the Capitol

  1. I love the contrast between the vineyard photos and the downtown location! The vineyard engagement session is very romantic and bright. The engagement session at Paramount theatre is very fun. Salt Lick sounds like a great place. The photos are great, I bet you are looking forward to their Houston Wedding. How fun to be a destination wedding photographer from Austin, TX

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  2. Love the green vineyard photos! I love lots of color in my images as well and you nailed it. I also like the way you shoot through objects such as trees, and leaves. My kind of style. 🙂 Love the dramatic photos at the Paramount Theatre. Your use of off camera flash in front of the Capital Building is spot on. Great Job Amy! Austin, Tx definitely has a great photographer! 🙂

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    • Thank you! I am so glad you appreciate the artistic photography, I have so much fun with it! Especially using off camera flash, and these two even helped carry it in the rain, how amazing! ❤ Gotta love the Capitol building in Austin 😀


  3. What a perfect Texas engagement shoot! The Salt Lick vineyard photos are so soft and romantic and the night portraits are perfect! Austin wedding couples would be crazy not to book a photographer comfortable with natural light, rainy days and cool, nighttime city shots. Just perfect.


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