Jennifer & Travis | Wedding in the Wildflowers

If you haven’t already seen this couple’s snow filled engagement session, click here to get in on the full story.

If you have already read their engagement story, then you know I was already in for a fun day with their wedding!

I arrived at the house they were getting ready at and saw a legit wood teepee outside. Already happy.

When I walked inside they were all up and ready to start the day which is always a bonus for me! They chose The Wildflower Barn for their Austin wedding venue and even pulling up to the parking lot you started to feel the essence of Spring.

All the wildflowers were in full color, birds chirping, that sort of Snow White singing by the well type of feeling.

These two deserved nothing less.

I love when a couple has their family as part of the ceremony. They had the groom’s grandfather officiate the wedding which added an endearing quality and also quite a few laughs! He introduced a few family members before the processional started and even announced how beautiful the bride was as she walked down the aisle. Who wouldn’t want that type of welcome? They also incorporated family into the rest of the ceremony by having them do special readings which created beautiful memories. The bride and groom wrote their own vows, and everyone got a little misty eyed. It is so special to see a bride and groom full of emotion and not afraid to let it show.

It means they allowed themselves to feel like they were the only two there speaking only to each other and they let themselves get completely lost in the moment. Moments like that, when the crowd fades away are intense and sacred.

Ah. Have I said I loved my job?

Once they were pronounced man and wife and walked back down the aisle to cheers, we had the slightest touch of sun shower. Just enough to add that touch of “good luck” that everyone promises of rain on a wedding day. We had way too much fun with family photos and even more crazy times with this awesome wedding party. (Scroll to the ninja style groomsmen photos for examples of the good kind of crazy I’m talking about).

Then the music started and everyone enjoyed each other’s company around the beautiful tables with hors d’oeuvres and drinks going around under the oak trees.

I stole the newlyweds away for a bit to get their portraits and also let them have a moment together to take in their day and venue without a crowd. Once we rejoined, we heard beautiful speeches and I am not sure to begin to tell you guys how much I loved this food from Pearl Snap Cuisine.

The exotic fruit, cheeses and even the main dinner course was setup in the most visually stunning way. It was truly art for the guests to see. Not only was it delicious, but they had an entire presentation lined up for a post dinner snack with entertainment! I had never seen the hot rock cooking before, and I am hooked. I blamed the fact that I needed photos, of course, for why I stood by the table eating every fifth steak that was served. I couldn’t help it, and I’m not sorry. All those spices to try, I needed to be sure I could truly tell people about more than one arrangement of flavor. Watching the flames and smoke had guests intrigued and engaged, and the array of salts and condiments had them as excited as I was.

The sun started going down and the twinkle lights started looking magical all around The Wildflower Barn. I was so happy that the new Mr. & Mrs. walked out to the field during to catch the colorful sunset..

I was NOT so happy that the chiggers seemed to be obsessed with my legs. Might not have been the brightest idea for me to get so low into that wildflower field during chigger season in the first place. Thank the good Lord for the bride’s grandmother- who was quick to get me alcohol (the rubbing kind, promise) to wipe down my legs to stop the itching.

I was able to get back into the barn to enjoy the music, dancing and of course— the cake! And not only cake… they had a s’mores station.

Yes, please. Obviously I had to try that out as well.

How else would I be able to tell all of you how delicious all their dessert was? I may or may not have taken my s’mores and ran behind the barn to chow down so I could retain a slight sense of my professional look.  As the night went on we jammed to every decade of music and I got to hear an amazing performance along to the tune of  Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and a boy vs. girl dance off. It was so fun watching these friends and family celebrate.

It was ALL about love.

You would think every wedding would be about love, but there are many that seemed to be stressed about the wedding and not the entire reason for it. After the music stopped and guests were leaving, I took them out for one last quiet moment together under the lights in the oak trees. I can’t think of a better way to end an amazing night!

Congrats Jennifer & Travis— I am SO happy for you two!

9 thoughts on “Jennifer & Travis | Wedding in the Wildflowers

  1. Okay I’m in love with this wedding. The Wildflower Barn is gorgeous of course, and your wedding photography is stunning, but the way the bride and groom are looking at each other speaks volumes! You always manage to capture such true and honest expression and emotions! I love seeing a glimpse into the wedding world in Austin through your wedding photography blog!

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  2. What an absolutely perfect wedding for Birdsong Weddings! The Wildflower Barn is an absolutely gorgeous rustic wedding venue and your work there was absolutely stunning! That dress shot, the details, the bride and groom in the flowers and at sunset…wonderfully romantic and fresh wedding photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lori! Means so much. I love wedding photography in Austin, so many areas to discover. The sunset is always a treat when it shows up during a wedding reception. Thanks again for reading!


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