Caylie & Nick | Dreamy Spring Wedding at Camp Lucy

Flower crowns, puppies, golden hour and a built in forest for the reception decor?

Yeah, my heart was twirling around, too.

Caylie and Nick were already a dream duo to work with on their engagement. If you haven’t checked out their domination of South Congress Ave, just click here to adore them for a minute. And that was without their adorable dogs.


Now add a whole bunch of magic at the set, since in my mind they must be actors in some Disney love story... and you’ll have their wedding day.

I also got the behind the scenes along the way of this bride creating her own dessert holders that you would have thought she had paid a planner to find.



With Caylie known in my mind as not only gifted in insta story comedy but also the queen of gift giving, I had way too much fun following the start of their day as everyone opened their gifts. *(and I mean everyone… I even had to put the gifts she got me up on my insta-story since I loved it so much) 

@ PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding Photos-9349

Girls are typically all too happy to open any gifts, and the fact that the guys were completely excited to not only get all of their gifts but listen to the details about Nick’s personal gifts from Caylie? That’s some gift giving skill. 

@ PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding Photos-9375

The part where everyone gets into their dresses is usually my favorite. It means the day is really about to kick off and we’ll be snapping more and more photos. Shiloh and Lil’ Bit getting dressed?!?! Um, I want this at every wedding from now on. Please and thank you.


I mean. To go from seeing all that cuteness, then you have a chilly April day in Central Texas under the oak trees seems like a fairytale. But that’s the way it was, and I can’t apologize.

Some guests were slightly chilled, but if you’ve ever endured the outdoor Summer wedding season here like I have, you know that you’d rather a chill than the Texas sun shining down for an hour straight. *(disclaimer, I’m writing this during the Summer wedding season, so I’m basically drooling reminiscing about this weather.)

When the music started for everyone to get things going, no one cared about the chill. You could feel all the anticipation building for the I do’s from every seat… and from the entire wedding party as well.

It’s a big deal to see a reaction from a groombut to get one from their pup seeing it’s mama come down the aisle too? I think I might’ve said “awww” out loud. Again- not sorry at all.


The officiant made sure everyone felt like everyone was a part of their journey… and as I hid like a creep behind the stunning floral arch, I got the best views of the bride reacting! Sometimes it pays off to be a creep with a camera. Yes, I know how bad that sounds.


After they said “I do” to forever, they got to take part in the cutest tradition at Camp Lucy. They got to ring the bell and announce they were finally married!


Now after that, things reached a whole new level of romantic.

Thankfully I had Alexandra White shooting alongside me, and she is the smoke to my fire. Okay, that might not make sense to youBut just know that we used a whole bunch of Atmosphere Aerosol and Alexandra was willing to hide at just the right spot to not be seen while flooding the scene with fog from a can. 


We walked through fields during golden hour, the groom gladly scooped up his new wife so she didn’t have to put her shoes back on yet *(lots of points for that, guys) and of course I had to get their infamous dip to happen in front of their floral arch!

@ PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding Photos-9846

@ PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding Photos-9816

…I can never get enough of sweet couples and good light.


The reception was nothing less than heaven in the shape of a fern forest.

@ PhotographerAmy Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding Photos-2-8

The speeches had everyone listening and raising a glass, and the first dances were ones for the books. Of course this couple did something adorable and danced to Grow Old with You… short, sweet and made a sap out of  me in less than two minutes. The father daughter turned into a sweet surprise for the bride’s mom as she was asked to cut in and dance with her daughter during the song… and the mother son dance let me glimpse into the future, seeing the groom’s mama singing to him while they danced.


Now add a little bit of everyone’s favorite desserts, topped with cake, then top that with a fire bar for s’mores right outside? You’ll have a small idea of how the rest of the night went. You can also feel free to add on some sweet dance moves that I captured as I chomped on a solo piece of chocolate from the s’mores bar. *(only because I can’t hold my camera and eat a melty marshmallow on top of melty chocolate while graham crackers crumble around it… I’ve tried.) 


Every moment was magical… maybe it was all the crowns that made it seem fairylike, maybe it was the music along the way… all I know is these two are fun loving, funny, ridiculously in love, and deserved every moment of this happy beginning of their lives together. Also, they were SO down for their night shots they let me grab more than one “scene” before heading back inside.

If you don’t know, I specialize in night photography and special lighting. I only take 4 minutes to make it happen, usually only 2/3. That way you’re only missing a song or two from your dance floor, and you also have something completely different to frame in your house forever. They gave me TEN minutes! So just look at what we created as a full team. 


…and yes. I did say they went back in to party more!


Here is their sparkler send off… they took it all in, waved good-bye and jetted off into the night.





If this left you wanting more- go check out their wedding highlight reel by Jon Rigg of Cosmic Dog Productions, LLC …You’ll see the live action of the night shot, too!

Dripping Springs Texas Wedding Venue: Camp LucySacred Oaks

Austin & Dripping Springs Hair & Makeup Team- Lavish Beauty ATX

Austin Texas Bakery-

Dripping Springs Catering & Floral- Whim Hospitality

Bridal Gown by Lazaro Bridal

Texas Wedding Cinematographer: Jon Rigg of Cosmic Dog Productions

Destination Wedding Photographer- Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

*(PhotographerAmy) My personal effects tools: Magnet Mod Flash diffusers & Atmosphere Aerosol 

Second shooter and fog extraordinaire- Alexandra White Photo


5 thoughts on “Caylie & Nick | Dreamy Spring Wedding at Camp Lucy

  1. These are absolutely stunning. The bride is gorgeous and so is her dress. I love the getting redy shots with the guys. Just so fun. But you can’t beat their portraits as the sun is setting. Fantastic job by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! I remember their epic South Congress Engagement Portraits you posted before, and so amazing to see this gorgeous Camp Lucy Wedding. I love how giving and generous this couple was for their bridal party and especially how they honored their fur babies! I’m sure this Austin bride and groom were so happy with these beautiful wedding photos.


  3. Absolutely beautiful wedding photography! Those night shots are stunning! I really think the night shots really tie the story together and it’s such a nice break for the couple. Camp Lucy in Texas really looks magical, great job as always! 🙂


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